Moms for Liberty: mothers against the LGBTQ doctrine in US schools
Free gender identity, career alias, self-id: propaganda is pounding in American primary schools, which silence families against it. But now the mothers are organizing themselves: "We do not share the role of parents with the government." Born in deep America, the movement is spreading throughout the country with tens of thousands of adherents

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It was imaginable: the LGBT propaganda in American schools, including primaries, has reached such levels of invasiveness - alias careers, gender identity, self id, even contrary to or without the knowledge of the parents, indicating those against as enemies - to be induced parents to organize themselves to regain their rights.

After i first and isolated attempts at resistance, that we showed you here, was born onorganization Moms of Liberty, conservative group mobilized above all against gender indoctrination and critical race theory, movement that is spreading throughout the United States and now aims to show its power of influence at the polls. Washington Post dedicated an entire page to him.

Departing from the populous suburbs of deep America, Brevard County (Florida), the mothers of Moms for Liberty they preside over school council meetings on issues dear to conservatives under the motto "We do not co-parent with the government” (essentially “We don't share the role of parents with the government”).

Republicans quickly realized the political importance of angry mothers, a “hidden majority” who they try to bring to their side by supporting and perhaps secretly financing the organization.

Below are some excerpts from the article Washington Post.


The three dozen women who showed up at last week's Brevard County School Board meeting wore T-shirts that read “Moms for Liberty” and they declared that "they do not share the role of parents with the government". […]

Moms for Liberty it's a'controversial organization aiming to have a major role in next year's elections. Initially launched in Brevard County to support “parental rights” in public schools, local committees of Moms for Liberty have spread nationwide. Its leaders hope to convert the quarrelsome cultural divisions of the pandemic era into lasting political power. The organization is channeling a powerful frustration among conservative mothers who feel increasingly sidelined by school administrators and teachers. And their goals are broad –… including curricula that address LGTBQ rights, race and discrimination, and how schools define scientific fact.


In 10 months Moms for Liberty has grown to 135 local committees in 35 states, with 56,000 members and supporters, according to the founders of the organization. The group hopes to one day have local committees in all 3,143 counties or equivalent in the United States. “Now is the time to 'catch' these parents for the long term,” said Tina Descovich, co-founder of Moms for Liberty. “If we miss this opportunity, when they are really engaged [during the pandemic], it will be difficult to engage them in the future!”


Some political analysts have compared the Moms for Liberty to the previous conservative activism groups, including the Moral Majority of the 1980s and the Tea Party of 2010. And Florida Republican leaders say they are already benefiting from the group's work. Christian Ziegler, vice chairman of the Republican Party of Florida and commissioner of Sarasota County, recognizes a Moms for Liberty and the broader issue of “parental rights” is credited with bringing new voters to the Republican Party.


Ziegler also expects members of the group to become foot soldiers for Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis' reelection campaign next year. DeSantis has aligned himself with the “parental rights” agenda (…) “I've been trying for a dozen years to get women in their 20s and 30s involved in the Republican Party, and it's always been difficult to get that demographic,” Ziegler said , whose wife he is loosely aligned with Moms for Liberty. "But now Moms for Liberty he did it for me!”

Moms of Liberty reunion


In Nassau County, NY, Barbara Abboud, a partner of Moms for Liberty, he said he thinks that the group could influence local elections even in some Democratic-leaning communities. Abboud said she got involved with the organization after a school social worker published a blog post that appeared to espouse critical race theory (…)

I was a mom who felt unheard at school board meetings, and I emailed their website and said, “Hey, what can I do to help?“. His New York-based local committee started with six members. Since then it is grew to 3,400, the largest local committee of Moms for Liberty in the country, Descovich said. “I really believe we represent a hidden majority,” Abboud said. I was a Parent-Teacher Association mom, but a year ago I couldn't even tell you who was on my school board.” Now, he added, “we are awake!”.

original article here, translation by Maria Celeste

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