Wonders of gender identity: the female rapist
Police Scotland say a rapist who describes himself as a female will be registered as a woman, even if he has a penis. Scottish feminists are addressing Parliament against this absurd abuse, which would fill the statistics of female rape. Nothing but fake news, as the supporters of the Zan bill say. The Times talks about it here

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Where gender self-certification or self-id is in force, women's spaces are violated by men who identify as women - we said this the other day in a Senate hearing -. In addition to bathrooms, changing rooms, hospital wards, prisons, work and political quotas, sports etc., there are also statistics, and in every sector. On this too, gender critical feminism is accused of spreading fake news. The centre-left senators who support the Zan bill and gender identity also accused us.

Well, here The Times talks about it, publishing a petition from Scottish feminism.

In April The Times has reported the news that Police Scotland had confirmed that a man accused or convicted of rape would could have been registered as a woman. Police Scotland had described its recording policy as follows: “If the male self-identifying as female penetrated a victim's vagina, anus or mouth with his penis or attempted to do so, Police Scotland would record this as attempted rape or rape, and the male self-identifying as female could be registered as a woman in police records.

In theory, even women, in extreme cases, can be convicted of rape. But in the last ten years in Scotland all convictions for rape or attempted rape were recorded as having been committed by males, except one. And further investigation proved that this case was a mistake. Precise recording of biological sex can be problematic in relation to assaults in general, but lor rape by definition reveals a male body. Privacy arguments often used in other contexts are not tenable here. While rape can theoretically be committed with a surgically constructed penis, there is no evidence of such cases anywhere.

Sex registration in these cases is important for the truth of statistics, which influences research and policy development. The veracity of the media is a further problem. Press reports refer to what was recorded by the police and courts. If even a few cases of crime were recorded and reported as having been committed by females rather than males it could misleadingly suggest that Female crime patterns are changing.

The Scottish Government has said it sees no need to record data on biological sex in these cases. Indeed, recent government proposals suggest referring to gender identity as a simple proxy for sex when collecting data. But recording biological sex would not prevent us from also recording gender identity, if necessary.

After having tried other avenues without success, awe have decided to raise the matter with the Public Petitions Committee of the Scottish Parliament, given the police statement. The Commission can set policies for the criminal justice system, gather evidence on how they have developed and give guidance to all bodies involved.

It is not clear how not registering one's biological sex could help someone, while it is clear that, if there were ever any relevant cases in Scotland, serious problems could arise. We hope that the Commission can intervene to avoid this possibility and ensure the recording of accurate and reliable data.

The Times here

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