The magic of JK Rowling! Who in trans-Scotland opens an anti-violence centre FOR ONLY WOMEN

In Edinburgh there was not a single anti-violence shelter that was not also accessible to men claiming to be women. And the main centre is run by a transsexual. Surprisingly, the writer founds and finances a space strictly for women only. Challenging Premier Nicola Sturgeon's transgender policies. And meeting the real needs of victims of violence
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We have told you several times about the iJK Rowling's commitment to women's rights in Scotlandwhere Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon is pushing for the passage of a law that would introduce a 'super self-ID' (see here), a very free gender identity.

Last year, Even before the discussion on the law, the Appointment of a transgender man, Mridul Wadhwa, as CEO of Edinburgh's leading anti-violence shelter, which would naturally also welcome men who 'identify as women' in what was originally intended to be a space only for women victims of rape and male violence.

JK Rowling had been one of the strongest voices in the protest, but had also immediately followed words with deeds, secretly starting work on a project that was announced just yesterday: Beira's Place, un all-women's anti-violence shelter in Edinburgh.

The shelter, financed entirely by JK Rowling, is run by women exclusively for women victims of male violence, and being totally private does not have to deal with the rules of the charity and can be administered in total freedom. JK Rowling also purchased the building where Beira's Place is located, in the centre of Edinburgh.

gives notice here Julie Bindel

JK Rowling financed and designed a new women-only sexual violence support service, Beira's Place.

"I founded Beira's Place to provide what I believe is currently an unmet need for women in the Edinburgh area." JK Rowling stated. "As a survivor of sexual violence, I know how important it is to have women-centred care provided by other women when you are so vulnerable. Beira's Place will increase the capacity of services in the area and, I hope, enable more women to process and recover from their trauma".

Located in the heart of Edinburghis a service for women who have suffered male violence. Named after the Scottish goddess of winterRowling explained: 'Beira rules the dark part of the year and passes the baton to her sister, Bride, when summer returns. Beira represents female wisdom, power and regeneration. Hers is a strength that endures in difficult times, but her myth holds the promise that they will not last forever'.

The board of directors, of which Rowling is also a member, consists of experts who have always been committed to ending men's violence against women and girls. They include LGB rights activist Rhona Hotchkiss, former Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont, physician Margaret McCartney and Susan Smith, director of the feminist group For Women Scotland. The CEO is Isabelle Kerr, a veteran of the movement Rape Crisis (see photo above).

Beira's Place is strictly reserved for women, as defined in Section 212 of the Equality Act, which states that a woman is a 'female person of any age'. Women aged 16 years and over living in the Edinburgh region (Lothians) who have experienced sexual violence or abuse at any time in their lives now have a free and confidential service at their disposal.

The service is financed exclusively by JK Rowling and was not structured as a charity (charity)which means that trans activists will not be able to petition the Charities Commission to shut it down [or to force the inclusion of men who claim to be women].

It is shocking that until the opening of Beira's Place there was only one women-only sex-based anti-violence shelter left in Edinburgh.

What until now was the main shelter for rape victims in Edinburgh, the Edinburgh's Rape Crisis Centre (ERCC), welcomes not only women, but also men who 'identify as women'. In May 2021, thehe transsexual Mridul Wadhwa was appointed its managing director, despite being told that the post was reserved for a woman. Three months after the appointment, in an interview Wadhwa had called 'bigoted people' the women rape victims who did not want to deal with men in the care service, suggesting that they "review their trauma".

But women are fighting back. Sarah Summers (fictional name), a rape victim who was denied access to a women-only support group, sued Survivors Network, she Brighton rape crisis service, which, like the ERRC, also welcomes men who identify as women.

"For women like me it is impossible to recover from the trauma of male sexual violence in the same space as men, even if they identify themselves as women,' Summers says. "Women-only rape shelters are the only place we can feel safe. Forcing us to deny reality confirms that our feelings don't matter and that our boundaries are irrelevant."

The vast majority of women think like Summers. A poll commissioned by the feminist group Women and Girls in Scotland it emerges that According to the majority of women (80.1%), 'female victims of male violence should have access to women-only support services and shelters'. Furthermore, the majority (71%) stated that they would not feel comfortable if the service also included trans-identified males.

full article here, translation by Maria Celeste

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