Lesbians against the transition of girls and boys
Lesbians United is born in the USA to raise the alarm about the serious risks of the early medicalisation of minors with "gender dysphoria". Which, they say, "is a scam". In the hope that the American gay and lesbian movement, highly critical of the trans-industry, will finally break its silence and find a listening ear

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Lesbians United, US lesbian organization, launched a public information campaign entitled “Understanding the transition of minors” through social media and the organization's website.

The social media posts of Lesbians United they are accompanied by colorful graphics, with targeted slogans such as

“Gender dysphoria is a scam” And “Join the movement against medical malpractice”. Their targets include pharmaceutical companies, gender clinics and the American Psychiatric Association.

Lesbians are pressured into 'transition'” we read on the organization's website “that is, to undergo unnecessary medical procedures to look like men. These procedures are painful, irreversible, and incredibly dangerous. They can make you sick and cause death."

“The idea is to get as much information as possible,” said the organization's founder and national organizer, T., who cannot use her full name for fear that both she and her partner could lose their livelihoods .

Transgenderism is an existential threat to young lesbians. Diagnostic criteria for “gender dysphoria” specifically target young lesbians for medicalization. The DSM-V, used to diagnose mental illnesses, lists “resistance to wearing typically feminine clothing” among the symptoms of “gender dysphoria” in girls. Other alleged symptoms include “rejection of typically feminine toys” and “preference of typically masculine clothing.”

"AND It's very likely that young lesbians are tomboys” said C., web developer for Lesbians United. “When the medical establishment targets tomboys, it targets lesbians.”

And lesbians targeted by medical trials are at greater risk of disease and premature death.

According to Lesbians United, scientific evidence shows that GnRH agonists (the class of drugs now sold as “puberty blockers”) increase risk of early osteoporosis, heart or kidney failure, chronic pain, depression and lowered IQ. Artificial testosterone, the next step in the process of transforming a healthy girl into a fake boy, can lead to type 2 diabetes, chronic infections and mental health problems and put girls and women at greater risk of heart attack. The resulting conditions can be life-threatening and incredibly expensive to manage.

Let's hope it's a start to dialogue” said T.. “Gay women and men who are critical of transgenderism are silenced and ignored in the United States. Lesbians United is working to reverse the trend.”

“The most important thing you can do is spread the word. Share our posts on social media, recommend our website, and be prepared to have difficult conversations with friends and family. Now more than ever, lesbians and our allies must stand up for the truth.”

For more information on Lesbians United, click here

Article translated and summarized from Laura De Barbieri

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