Evangelical Christians discuss prostitution: dissolving any ambiguity in the judgment

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We women of the FDEI committee (Federation of Italian Evangelical Women) we feel the need and urgency to question ourselves, because faith communities tend not to express themselves on the roots of prostitution phenomenon within our faiths. Or, if they do, they sometimes follow an interpretative line that denounces the sin, but without giving back sexuality and male privilege responsible for the sexual slavery of women implicated in prostitution and not only in trafficking".

So the letter sent to the churches of the Federation of Evangelical Churches by the women of the Baptist-Methodist-Waldensian world to present this interesting online conference on the topic of combating the prostitution phenomenon, growing rapidly on a global scale following exceptional but now structural migratory phenomena in the globalized world.

By their own admission, the organizers of the event (FDEI and the Interreligious Observatory on violence against women) shed light on a widespread phenomenon within many Christian realities and beyond: themission of a clear condemnation consistent with one's religious principles of the true causes of "rape for hire" (as from the book of Rachel Moran, cited by the speakers): they have been added to the ancient moralistic judgment for some years reticence and embarrassment precisely in the most "progressive" communities and groups, welcoming towards the varied LGBTQ+ universe from which they seem to have borrowed the distinction between victims of trafficking and "free sex workers" to be protected from "stigma" in their career choice.

As reported by many, in left-wing German Christian churches (equally divided between Catholic and Evangelical) we have been witnessing singularities for some time “harm reductions” that actually make it even more difficult for women to get out of the racket, and we see this line operating covertly even in Italian associations, secular and otherwise, active on the issues of violence against women.

An unsaid which translates, on the part of the religious realities to which the organizers of the event belong, into a ambiguous and opaque positioning, never clear. Now finally this conference, very clear in its intent and purpose, which will probably (hopefully) put its finger on the wound of contradictions that we have been denouncing for some time in the realities of the secular "left" but which we see are increasingly widespread even in those of religious inspiration.

Associations that promote the "Nordic Model", opposed here by the so-called liberal feminism (the galaxy that gathers around NUDM) and by the LGBT+ world, but increasingly widespread in the Great North of Europe.

The desire of Christian women to undermine certain convenient narratives and to bring out the contradictions within their own religious realities is appreciable.

Anna Perenna

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