Turkey withdraws from the Istanbul Convention against male violence. For women, a huge blow

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Turkey abandons the Council of Europe Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violenceknown as Istanbul Convention and ratified for the first time (2011) in that country.

A huge blow for Turkish towns: almost every day in 2020 a woman died at the hands of a mannot counting the 170 suspicious deaths. Same pace in the first 65 days of 2021, around 70 feminicides. According to the World Health Organisation at least 40% of Turkish women are victims of partner violence compared to a European average of 25%. Turkey also holds the record of women journalists in prison. Misogynistic violence in Turkey is therefore a major issue.

The abandonment of the Convention, which has been signed by 34 European nations and is an indispensable tool in the fight against male violence, was announced with a decree-gulp of the President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan welcomed by the Conservative government, which believes that the dangerous the treaty for having introduced the "principle of 'gender' equality, but also by promoting homosexuality.introducing non-discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation"(Reuters).

For the ruling party (Akp) the Convention It would damage family unity and encourage divorce, as well as include references that can be exploited by the LGBT community. According to the Associated Press note, those attacking the Convention claim that "The treaty promotes homosexuality through the use of categories such as 'gender', 'sexual orientation' and 'gender identity'. that pose a threat to Turkish families'..

In truth The Istanbul Convention has nothing to do with the concept of gender identity as it is understood today in LGBT claims, or 'free choice of gender irrespective of birth sex' (self-id). Also in the Italian discussion on Zan law The Convention has been referred to in order to defend the concept of 'gender identity': but this interpretation is totally forced.

Article 4 of the Convention states that "The implementation of the provisions (...) shall be ensured without any discrimination on the grounds of sex, gender (...) sexual orientation, sexual orientation, sexual orientation or sexual orientation.gender identity". But in 2011, when the treaty text was drafted, Gender identity' referred to women's freedom from gender stereotypes, that is, the non-obligation to conform one's behaviour to the roles assigned to traditional femininity, and not to queer claims.

The meaning of the Istanbul Convention cannot therefore be misunderstood in any way. In every passage of the text 'gender' is understood as 'female gender' and is always associated with women, beyond doubt. Right from the preamble it states that "the achievement of thegender equality de jure and de facto is a key element in preventing the violence against women"; we talk about the "structural nature of violence against women, as it is gender-based". Article 3(d) reads "the expression '.gender-based violence against women' means any violence directed against a woman as such". And so on (the whole text can be found here).

Gender identity as it is understood today (self-id) therefore has nothing to do with the Istanbul Convention, which cannot be an instrument of the gender politics and basis for LGBT claims.

Forcing the Convention in this sense harms women.

The Convention belongs to women. And the price of Turkey's exit will be paid by women.

Here are the feminist demonstrations of yesterday

Marina Terragni

Update, 22 March: As you can see, President Erdogan himself explains his decision to abandon the treaty - a decision that remains intolerable in any case and that will worsen the condition of women in Turkey - with the instrumentalisation of the Istanbul Convention by the LGBT+. The forced and opportunistic interpretation of the word gender as 'free gender identity' offered Erdogan the pretext to shelve the convention presumably with the consent of at least part of the population. This has done serious harm to women, for whom the convention was intended.

Only Feminist Post immediately proposed this reading of the facts.

Turkey, Istanbul Convention manipulated by gay community´.

(ANSA) - ROME, 22 MAR - "As is well known, Turkey was the first signatory of the Istanbul Convention, demonstrating a strong commitment to combating all forms of violence and protecting the status of women in society. Initially, the Istanbul Convention aimed to promote the strengthening of women's rights. then it was manipulated by a sector that is trying to normalise homosexuality, incompatible with Turkey's social and family values. The decision to withdraw from the Turkey contract is based on these reasons". This was stated in a statement by the Ankara Presidency, after the unilateral withdrawal from the Council of Europe document against gender-based violence.

"Turkey is not the only country with serious concerns about the Istanbul Convention. Six EU members (Bulgaria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania and Slovakia) have not ratified the Istanbul Convention. Also Poland has taken steps to withdraw from the Convention, citing the Attempt by homosexual groups to impose their ideas on gender on society as a whole.. The decision of the Republic of Turkey to withdraw from the Istanbul Convention does not in any way mean that it is giving up protecting women. Turkey, even if it withdraws from the Convention, will never give up the fight against domestic violence."The Ankara note continues.

"Our President Recep Tayyip Erdogan strongly reiterates the fact that Turkey will continue to safeguard the safety and rights of all women and underlines the fact that combating violence against women will be a priority on the government's agenda with the zero-tolerance policy," the statement added, stressing that "Turkey will take further measures to improve the effectiveness of existing measures against domestic violence and violence against women as part of the human rights action plan announced in early March."(ANSA). 

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