The British Prime Minister: “We will guarantee women their reserved spaces”
Vigorous change of wind in the UK after years of prevailing LGBTQ+ misogyny: against the invasion of bathrooms, women's changing rooms and shelters by men who self-identify as women, the English Prime Minister Rishi Sunak promises a reform of the Equality Act. As requested by a petition signed by over 100 thousand people will have to be based on biological sex and not on "gender identity". New guidelines also announced on sexual education and alias careers at school: decisive issues in view of the next elections

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British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak stated that Equality Act will change of 2010 for protect monosexual spaces reserved for women, stating that biological sex is “fundamental and important”.

The move follows concerns about the lack of clarity of the current legislation on the matter, which could allow so-called MtoF trans people to access spaces reserved for women even if they are biologically male.

“I have been very clear that when it comes to matters like this, biological sex is of fundamental importance" Sunak said on June 9 as he traveled to Washington, where he was to meet President Joe Biden.

“I have said this several times and in relation to the Equality Act in particular, the Government has specifically asked the Equality and Human Rights Commission for an opinion (see here) on this particular topic and then, of course, we will revisit it.”

The Prime Minister's statement arrives a few days before parliamentarians discuss the request to clarify the 2010 law, presented through a petition signed by more than 100,000 people. The petition calls for the law to be changed to clarify that when we say that people cannot be discriminated against based on sex, we mean biological sex and not the gender with which we identify.

Sunak thus wanted to reassure not only potential voters, but also some members of the Conservative Party who feared that the government had "cooled off" on the idea of changing the law which could dominate the debate in view of the next elections.

Also Education Minister Gillan Keegan is preparing new rules to protect girls' and boys' toilets in schools (against neutral bathrooms imposed by LGBTQ counseling), beyond new guidelines on pronouns in school and an independent inquiry into current sex education teaching. Work began after that a group of parents sued the Department of Education for letting their children be indoctrinated into gender identity, as we told you here.

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Translation and adaptation by Maria Celeste

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