Gender is a battlefield

Joe Biden in the midst of campaigning replaces the word sex with gender identity. Germany and Sweden pass new trans laws allowing self-identification (self-id): German parents will be able to decide what sex their newborn child is regardless of whether it has a penis or a vagina. Meanwhile after England also Scotland bans puberty blockers for 'non-compliant' minors. And in Spain, one year after Ley Trans came into force, 'sex changes' have increased by 400 per cent. Even some 30 bearded soldiers have declared themselves women. The lobby pushes furiously and the chaos is unspeakable
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While also in Scotland, after England, 'affirmative therapy' will no longer be prescribed (puberty blockers followed by hormones and surgery) to minors, a decision taken following the publication of the sensational Cass Review, in the United States President Biden - or rather, his firmly Obamian administration- in the midst of the November presidential election campaign has in fact abolished the Title IX of the Education Amendments in force since 1972. The amendment stipulated that no one on the basis of gender could be excluded from participation, be denied benefits or be subjected to discrimination in educational programmes or any related activity. To include trans people in protection, the word 'gender' was replaced with 'gender identity'. This means that men will be able to obtain academic and sports scholarships reserved for women simply by self-declaring themselves as women; which will have freedom of access to toilets, changing rooms and women's areas; who may apply to be hosted in the women's dormitoriesthat teachers should ask each student which pronoun should be used to address him/her/them/boh; that anyone can be accused of transphobic harassment if it does not comply with this new regulation. Although surveys have repeatedly shown that themost US citizens -democrats included- do not welcome the misogyny of these trans-inclusive measures which would therefore not benefit candidate Biden, apparently the strength of the lobby in the US administration is irresistible and business is probably not enough to explain a design that remains largely obscure.

Meanwhile Europe is also a battlefield. While on the one hand, as mentioned, drug and surgical treatments for girls and boys with gender non-conforming behaviour are curbed almost everywhere -especially, as mentioned, after the publication of the Cass Review and the WPATH Files scandal- on the other hand new European nations have laws allowing self-identification for transgender (self-id) people. After Spain, Malta, Luxembourg, Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Norway and Portugal also Germany and Sweden passed their trans law. Those who do not continuously follow the debate tend to believe that self-id is a simple shortcut that spares trans people medicalisation and red tape. But what are the implications and spin-offs for the rest of society?

In Germany lhe trans law passed last Friday by 373 votes to 251 in favour, will come into force on 1 November and will make it possible to change the administrative gender within three monthson the model of the Spanish Ley Trans, with a simple self-declaration at the registry office. The change is significant: previously one had to undergo a double psychiatric examination and obtain a permit from the court. Today it is no longer necessary, moreover you can also register as non-binary or not declare any gender.

A novelty that is nothing short of incredible concerns children. Parents will be able to choose the sex of their children at birth, which will be confirmed by their children at the age of five. Parents who have always wanted a girl but find themselves with a male they can declare a female. Sex disappears: it will be irrelevant to be born with a penis or a vagina. 

At the age of 14 - if the parents or guardians of the child do not consent to the 'gender change', teenagers can start the social transition with the help of legal representatives. If the representatives express a negative opinion, the decision can always be overturned by a family court. Germany will continue, in contrast to the UK, Sweden, Finland, to administer puberty blockers. Psychologists will determine whether adolescents are capable of giving consent to treatment. If so, the responsibility for the treatments will then fall on the shoulders of the minors. 

Moreover, in line with an ideology that regards gender identity as changeable, a kind of lifelong journey, you can change gender whenever you want, the important thing is to respect an interval of one year between changes. Misgendering will be fined up to EUR 10,000: a gag for those who do not believe in gender identity and a disaster in general for women's rights. 

Apparently on the new German law there was no serious public debate, on the no-debate line recommended by the Principles of Dentons. Opposing feminism has been kept away from parliamentary consultations. The last parliamentary debate was announced a few days before it took place, too late to organise. 

A few days ago The Swedish Parliament also passed a law lowering the minimum age for changing gender from 18 to 16, making surgical procedures more accessible. The law passed with a large majority: 234 votes in favour and 94 against and was supported by all parties except the Christian Democrats and the far right. By simplifying the pathway to gender reassignment, for which today it can take up to 7 years, the law is a clear step towards self Id. Ihe prime minister, the moderate Ulf Kristersson, had to give in to party pressure. "The vast majority of Swedes will not even notice that the law has changed, but for a number of transgender people this law makes a big difference," said Johan Hultberg of the ruling Conservative Party. The new Swedish law consists of two separate pieces of legislation: one will regulate the surgical procedures to change gender and the other the administrative part, and both will come into effect in the future. in force on 1 July 2025. It will be possible to change gender from the age of 16, although parental consent will be required, as well as the approval of a doctor and the National Board of Health and Welfare. Diagnosis of gender dysphoria will no longer be required as well as -but only for adults- the Board's approval for surgery. But According to a poll published a few days before parliamentary approval, 60 per cent of Swedes are clearly against the law and only 22 per cent approve of it.

Meanwhile in Spain after the entry into force of Ley Trans, In the space of a year, requests for gender reassignment increased by 400 per cent. In 62 cases out of 100, these are men claiming to be women. This can be explained by the fact that Many of these female aspirants are men accused of gender-based violence, or who count on being able to access quotas for women in politics.

37 soldiers and civilian guards in Ceuta declared themselves to be women and obtained the change thanks to the Ley Trans, while keeping their names and appearance entirely masculine. Some transactivist associations have asked the Public Prosecutor's Office to annul these recordings as fraudulent, but the military reacted by accusing them of bullying and transphobia (!): in short, hell. Apparently, trans-militaries undertook the sex change in protest - on the one hand - against the Trans Ley, but also - on the other - against quotas for women.


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