France: are you not supporting your child's transition? We'll take it away from you
The law just approved "against conversion therapies" provides for the loss of parental rights for those who resist the "new gender identity" of daughters and sons. And up to 3 years in prison and heavy sanctions for specialists who attempt a psychological approach, not supporting the minor's immediate transition. The transactivist ideology wins which, through medicalization, erases the natural sexual uncertainties that accompany childhood and adolescence

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In France, parents who question the "transition" and gender identity of their minor children may lose parental rights

There new law -said in an Orwellian way “against conversion therapies”– predicts tthree years of imprisonment and a fine of 45,000 euros for professionals who do not obey the will of minors. Families who object could lose parental rights. In fact, a Trojan horse law to insert the ideology of gender identity in the legal system.

The case Robert Hoogland, Canadian father who paid with 6 months in prison and a heavy fine for his 13 year old daughter's resistance to the transition, could also teach in Europe.

In the text of the law proposed by Lrem, Emmanuel Macron's party, and approved unanimously by Parliament, conversion therapies are defined as "repeated practices, behaviors or proposals aimed at modifying or repressing a person's sexual orientation or gender identity, real or perceived, and which have the effect of altering physical or mental health”.

In reality, it is precisely the medical and surgical "therapy" for "sex change", administered to girls and boys who within a short period of time could change their minds and simply discover themselves as lesbians and gays, that constitutes a real conversion therapy to "correct" homosexuality.

The professionals who will be found guilty of having practiced "conversion therapies" are punishable by up to two years in prison and a 30,000 euro fineThe sentence can increase to three years in prison and fines of 45,000 euros for "attempts" involving minors or other particularly vulnerable people.

Inserting gender identity into the text, he protested l'Observatoire la petite sirène –group that brings together doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists and child psychoanalysts - "we will no longer be able to deal with minors suffering from gender dysphoria". Furthermore, explains jurist Olivia Sarton, in the law “there is no distinction between minors and adults and the problems of the two categories of people are not the same”.

The doctors, with this new regulatory framework, they will be completely without protection and will no longer be able to refuse to carry out a transition requested by the minor or the parents, nor will they be able to carry out a psychological consultation to assess whether the operation is appropriate for the specific case, not even at the request of the patient himself.

The law raises concerns above all because predicts, if a parent wants to prevent the “gender transition” of their daughter or son, “the total or partial revocation of parental rights”. According to MP Xavier Breton, one of the results of the law “will be dividing families to leave the child or adolescent alone to face their problems”.

The healthcare industry also states that “there is the risk of locking young people into an identity that perhaps was nothing more than the expression of their difficulties, which are also very common in adolescence”. According to the psychologist and psychoanalyst Céline Masson, a neutral approach, to "welcome children, allowing them to reach maturity before intervening from a medical point of view".

The commodification of children's bodies that lies behind discourses on "gender self-determination" had already been denounced by French intellectuals and professionals with an appeal in L'Express (see here).

The text of the French law follows the lead of gender identity activists, which with a proven strategy they already have led to the passage of similar laws in several countries around the world, including Canada, Brazil, Ecuador, Malta, Albania and Germany.

Maria Celeste

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