“Destroy women's rights”: JK Rowling against the Scottish Prime Minister and her trans law
As in Spain, feminism is also fighting in Scotland against a law promoted by Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon which introduces gender self-determination without any medical diagnosis and lowering the age for access to 16 years. And this time too the author of Harry Potter is alongside women, girls and boys

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JK Rowling photographs herself wearing a T-shirt that says: “Nicola Sturgeon, destroyer of women's rights” to support women protesting outside the Scottish Parliament against the controversial gender recognition reform law commissioned by the Scottish Prime Minister.

The activists of For Women Scotland (Scotland for women) gathered this morning in front of the Scottish Parliament for a demonstration against the bill promoted by Sturgeon, which would make gender self-determination easier – we called it a “super Self-ID” endangering the rights of women, girls and boys.

For Women Scotland demonstration in front of the Scottish Parliament

The demonstration in front of parliament was organized on the occasion of a meeting of the committee that is discussing the approval of the bill.

Posting a photo of herself wearing a t-shirt with the slogan against Nicola Sturgeon JK Rowling wanted to support the group. “I stand in solidarity with @ForWomenScot and all the women protesting and speaking outside the Scottish Parliament. #NoAlSelfID” was his tweet.

According to documents lodged by the Scottish Government alongside the bill, with the reform, requests for gender recognition would increase from 30 to 250-300 per year.

Five members of the committee supported the law, while the two conservatives Pam Gosal and Rachael Hamilton opposed it.

The bill provides for speed up the process of obtaining a change of registered sex and lower the age for obtaining it from 18 to 16 years. Plus with the new law a diagnosis of gender dysphoria will no longer be necessary, eliminating the obligation to present medical certificates.
The length of time a person must have lived in their “acquired gender” before applying would be reduced from two years to just three months.

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon

The majority of the commission spoke in favor of eliminating the need for medical tests or diagnoses, “believing that trans people know their own minds.” However, some members of the commission are “concerned that eliminating the requirement for gender dysphoria and requiring medical evidence could extend the sex process to a larger and more diverse group of people.” In short, they fear that this “could potentially mean that the process is open to abuse by bad faith actors, particularly predatory men.”

They were relieved concerns also about the impact that the reform could have on the spaces reserved for women and girls, such as bathrooms or changing rooms for women only.

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Translation by Maria Celeste

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