Detransition: first scientific study

Conducted by psychiatrist Lisa Littman, who interviewed 100 detransitioners, the research highlights the complexity of these experiences. Doubts about the usefulness and effectiveness of pharmacological and surgical "therapies" are increasingly well-founded. Let us see why
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After a thorough year-long scientific evaluationo, the results of the first systematic research into the detransitioner.

The study of American psychiatrist Lisa Littman is entitled "Subjects treated for gender dysphoria with medical and/or surgical transition who subsequently underwent detransition: Survey of 100 detransitioners". (full text here)

In contrast to previous studies, this research is exclusively conducted on persons who have undergone medicalisation for a diagnosis of gender dysphoria and later decided to discontinue it.

Lisa Littman conducted a survey of 100 participants, 67% born women and 31% born men, a proportion that reflects the current situation, in which it is mainly women who seek a "transition" as in "fleeing from a burning house'.as we have reported here.

The questionnaire, which was designed with the collaboration of two detransitionerIt includes multiple-choice and open-ended questions. The categorisations of results and hypotheses are therefore derived entirely from the responses of the detransitioner.

The study reveals some recurring characteristics in transition and detransition experiences, including the following:

  • There is no clinical data on how common the choice of detransition is; Littman estimates that it is much more common than the clinics claim. Only 24% of the participants informed their doctors or clinics of their detransition. transition that diagnosed gender dysphoria and started medicalisation.
  • The responses on psychological and social factors (Table 2), as well as the multiple and complex reasons and self-assessments and thegeneral dissatisfaction (69.7%) for the transition reported by the participants suggest according to Littman that The current approach does not sufficiently take into account the concomitant causes and context in which gender dysphoria emerges and which leads to incorrect or inappropriate diagnoses, which result in detransition.
  • The experience of transition and detransition differs according to gender: it was found that women born were younger when they undertook transition and detransition, and that the medicalised transition lasted less than for men. Average transition age for women 20 years, men 26; average detransition age for women 23.6 years, men 32.7. Medical transition duration for women 3.2 years, men 5.4.
  • The study provides further information on the complex relationships between homophobia and internalised misogyny, gender dysphoria and desire for transition. Almost a quarter of the participants (23.0%) say that they have also transitioned because of the discomfort of being attracted to the same sex, because of the "desire not to be homosexual" or because of difficulty in accepting being lesbian, gay or bisexual.
  • The study confirms that gender dysphoria, especially in adolescents, is often temporary, as indicated by previous research and which may be caused by psychological factors in combination with social influence (see here).
  • Finally, many of the participants evaluated their experience with the professionals who had treated them, and "believe that they did not receive an adequate assessment before the transition. Lisa Littman hypothesises that the increase in the number of detransitioners may be due to the 'increase in the number of detransitioners'.so-called 'affirmative' approach or "informed consent care model", which provides for initiating medical transition for those who ask for it after a brief assessment, promoted in the United States by the American Academy of Paediatrics and Planned Parenthood.

Maria Celeste

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