How they won the war against Roe

Failure to turn Roe v. Wade into law was the capital mistake of the American left, starting with Barack Obama. Abortion was an entirely secondary issue for trans-politics-absorbed liberals, who have spent years erasing the word 'woman' by renaming it as 'menstruator' and 'uterus carrier', rather than addressing women's rights
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How did American pro-lifers win the war against Roe v. Wade? In the article of which we present you with extended excerpts, journalist Sarah Ditum explains how the Democrats' neglect and arrogance unwittingly helped set women's rights in America back 50 years.

"When did it become certain that American women's right to abortion would be revoked? The Supreme Court's ruling that 'Roe was terribly wrong from the start' is leaked almost two months ago, so theformal release of the ruling was a bitter pill, but certainly not a surprise.

Certainly the main culprit is Donald Trump. His administration, which gave the impression of being composed of improvised loyalists and was in fact short-lived, somehow managed to appoint as many as three -three! - Supreme Court justices, all conservative to the core.

But could never have achieved this without the help of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a liberal icon of jurisprudence, who missed his chance to retire under the Obama administration and continued working until his last breath at the age of 87 in 2020.

While Ginsburg was collecting applause for his training with the personal trainer, the other side would comfortably wait for him to die. The reward for his service would be to be replaced by Judge Amy Coney Barrett, a staunch pro-life which played a decisive part in the conviction of Roe (and who will probably also support the overturning of gay rights).

Ginsburg could have enjoyed her last victory laps as a feminist heroine at no cost to the cause, if only Barack Obama had kept one of his election promises and freedom of choice bill signed.

This legislation, which would have codified Roe v. Wade should have been 'the first thing I will do as president', as he had said in 2007. Once he became president, however, he was demoted to "it is not my top legislative priority". We thus discover that it is quite difficult for the arc of justice to bend towards history if the guy in charge does not bother to apply any effort to the matter.


Thirteen states already have 'trigger laws' in place ready for the end of Roewhich means that abortion will be outlawed within a month. The opponents of abortion were ready for all this. The opponents of abortion had been ready for a long time.

Why, then, the American pro-choicers were totally inept in the face of all this? I refer to Obama, to Ginsburg, and also organisations like Planned Parenthood and the ACLU, which have spent the last few years making campaigns against the word 'woman' instead of defending women's rights.


While the right diligently eroded women's rights, thethe left responded by offering women blackmail. Stay with us, because the others are even worse. Of course, it is not dignified to be called a 'menstruator' or a 'womb-carrier', but this is the price to pay to enter the big liberal tent. If you do not want to be reduced to your reproductive system, you had better start reducing yourself to your reproductive system.

What a cruel joke. The right won the war against Roe because he took abortion seriously. The left lost because they treated it as a triviality, a done deal, something they could threaten women with ('imagine if you can lose this!'), but he never actively defended it.


It is worth remembering that American women do not have a compulsory maternity leave at the national level. [...] One would think that a pro-life policy would start with employment protection for the women who are supposed to raise these sacred children, but unfortunately not. In the American right there is a terminal inability to imagine that the woman who carries an unwanted pregnancy to term will be the same woman who cannot pay her rent four weeks later because she cannot go to work.

But is not much different from the left, which insists that it is not a 'woman', but simply a set of organs that gives birth, that suckles, that bleeds. 

Obama managed not to use the word 'woman' in his tweet about the Supreme Court ruling. And so did Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the democrats' favourite feminist starlet. America is simply not a country for women, and with the end of Roe, things get much worse.

Translation by Maria Celeste

Full article here

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