CBS news under queer attack for a broadcast on detransitioners

An episode on detransitioners on 60 Minutes, the historic programme of the American channel CBS News, was the object of warnings and threats from transactivists already in the preparation phase. The diktat is always the same: keep quiet. Only glittery propaganda allowed
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The strategy of activism queer always orders silence.

If politicians are discussing a bill to introduce gender self-determination it is It is preferable for the media not to talk about it, and if they do talk about it they will have to say that the law is only "against discrimination against LGBT people" and keep quiet about the rest. Any opinion that is even the slightest bit discordant is silenced with insults, threats (in jargon chilling effect) e dimming (no platform).

This is also happening in Italy, see for example the Total silence when the Zan DDL was passed in the House last October.

More recently, the Dire Agency came under attack for publishing a short article -see here- which did not praise Ellen/Elliot Page showing her scars from an unnecessary mastectomy. The accusation is of alleged 'transphobia' and even 'violence against trans people'. Criticism and even threats received have had the desired effect by gender identity activists: the Dire Agency has apologised and promised to give its journalists 'guidelines' on how to deal with the transition issue -see here-.

In the following article we tell you about the recent attack on an American channel for a report on the detransitioner, girls and boys who, as teenagers, underwent medical transition and then made the painful decision to 'return' to their own sex, i.e. to undergo 'detransition'.

To listen to the experiences of the detransitioner you can see our webinar 'Returning women, stories of de-transition'. -see here- and read here the testimony of our collaborator Valentina Beoni, so far the only detransitioner to have spoken publicly.

Because gender identity ideology activists claim to want better health care for trans-identified people, desperately struggle to silence the voices of the detransitioner?

This forbidden and unanswered question has recently come to the fore because of "60 Minutesthe historic current affairs programme of the American channel CBS News, who had the temerity to broadcast a report on the in-depth study on detransitioner (available here).

Gender ideology has been a major issue in the United States since the Biden administration made it a priority to dismantle women's gender-based rights in the service of men's right to identify as women and use women's spaces, categories and language. The opposition - the Republicans, who are considered right-wing, although this is a mistake as both parties are neo-liberal - started the counter-attack by legislating against medicalised paediatric 'gender transition', following the example of the UK, Sweden and Finland, where the courts and medical institutions have come to consider these interventions as experimental treatments, without any solid evidence of benefit (see here).

Considering this news worthy of note, Lesley Stahl, veteran and respected journalist who has worked for 30 years at "60 minutes"., presented a piece on these new laws with interviews with clinicians and activists, as well as some young people detransitioner. This has infuriated supporters of gender identity. When the news leaked out in March that this service was in preparation, it began a campaign of intimidation by trans activists.

Gender identity activists are well organised, and Lesley Stahl said she had never received so much criticism of a piece before it was even aired.

When it aired, the segment of almost 14 minutes turned out to be very biased in favour of gender identity propagandists. The report focused on the alleged 'culture war' that Republican legislators are waging 'against transgender people', and was rounded off with testimony from a health worker serving the transition industry, who assured Stahl that 'trans-affirmative' health care (which calls for increasingly easy access to puberty blockers, hormones, surgery) is the best and only 'ethical' option for treating gender dysphoria. Stahl has done little to challenge the claim that trans-identified people are marginalised victims and are 'suffering an epidemic of violence'. Incidentally, two of the health workers interviewed were trans-identified men (trans MtF) - an ironic choice considering all the talk about the trans community being 'strongly discriminated against' even in the work environment.

In any case Stahl also spoke to three young people who were rushed into taking hormones and undergoing surgery and then had 'detransition'.

But no matter how much space the report devoted to those who transitioned at a later age, and who probably have years of normal sexual function as adults behind them, they pay lip service to the alleged 'legitimacy' of experimental treatments on young people. It only takes one young man, who looks like he has just emerged from his teens, talking about how he regrets his castration to make people realise the harsh reality behind the glitter and pastel colours of trans activism.

Lesley Stahl stated that she had interviewed 30 detransitioner5 appeared in the service and only 3 were given space to speak. After the airing of the TV programme, i detransitioner present took to social media to say that they felt disappointed. They had not been given enough space. Their views have not been made clear. This is regrettable as these young people represent perhaps the most important voices in the discussion on gender and gender identity, and are extraordinarily compassionate and thoughtful. They say they have empathy for trans people and they also want better health care. They say they want the best for others who identify as trans. But they also say that their medicalisation was too fast, that they had other health problems that were ignored, that they regret irreversible changes that were done to their bodies and that they could not get any 'trans health care' for their 'detransition'.

They say they have been silenced, insulted and threatened by the very community that once praised them. Apostates are always hated by true believers and those who control them.

Their existence and challenge to trans ideology threatens the bloated and generously funded LGBTQ+ organisations (see here) who used to do good work in support of homosexuals, such as GLAAD, but who now make money by promoting the transition industry. Groups that once defended the freedom of speech of outright Nazis, such as the ACLU (see here), they now demonise people who are truly marginalised.

Gender identity is a fantasy, and in the face of the harsh reality of the detransitionerno one can pretend to believe it.

Tania Alessandrini, introduction and translation by Maria Celeste

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Much of the news published by Feminist Post you will not read elsewhere. That is why it is important to support us, even with a small contribution: Feminist Post is produced solely by the voluntary work of many people and has no funding.
If you think our work can be useful for your life, we will be grateful for even the smallest contribution.

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