Iranian candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize launches "No Hijab Day"
In solidarity with the women in Iran and Afghanistan who risk whippings and prison if they refuse to cover their heads, Masih Alinejad calls for mobilization. Concerned that the new US law against "Islamophobic" acts will silence any criticism. And for that Western liberal feminism that speaks of the veil as freedom. For this reason she is accused "of not loving Islam"

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As part of the social media campaign “Let Us Talk”, the Iranian human rights activist and Nobel Peace Prize candidate Masih Alinejad launches “No Hijab Day” with the aim of raising awareness about Iranian and Afghan women forced to wear veils against their will.

Alinejad judges very harshly the liberal and “intersectional” feminism that casually talks about the hijab as a free choice.

Iran requires women to wear the hijab up to the age of 7. Women can be imprisoned, whipped or fined if they do not cover their hair.

Alinejad's “No Hijab Day” was launched on the occasion of “World Hijab Day”, which on the contrary encourages women to wear the hijab in support of Muslim women targeted because of their faith

According to Alinejad women oppressed by Islamic laws have the right to speak out against the hijab without being labeled as anti-Muslim.

Last December 15th in the United States a bill against Islamophobia has been approved and Alinejad expressed concern that the law would silence legitimate criticism of organizations like the Taliban and regimes like Iran that oppress women. For this it was in turn accused of Islamophobia.

Many Twitter users supported the “Let Us Talk” and “No Hijab Day” campaigns by sharing uncovered photos of themselves and clips from pre-revolution footage showing bare-headed Iranian women.

Some anti-hijab activists are in prison in Iran for protesting peacefully. Saba Kord Afshari was sentenced to 24 years in prison for removing her headscarf during a protest in January 2018. 

“While women in the West celebrate 'World Hijab Day', five activists of 'White Wednesdays' - demonstrations against compulsory hijab, ed. - are in prison just for peacefully protesting. You cannot call yourself a feminist and celebrate something that has become a tool for Islamists to oppress and silence women.” said Alinejad. “I have never heard 'World Hijab Day' defend those Iranian and Afghan women who are beaten and whipped for not wearing the hijab.”

Nobel Prize Nominee Masih Alinejad Stands Up for Iranian Women on World Hijab Day 

Marina Terragni

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