'Changing sex is happiness!': trans-industry pushes furiously on children

What you see is a frame from a Dutch programme in which trans people show their naked bodies to 10-12 year old girls. But the propaganda hits hard especially in schools, where many students self-interpret their own psychological distress -it is an epidemic- as gender dysphoria. And the British Prime Minister Sunak is running for cover, ordering an independent enquiry into sex education courses.
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Yesterday in Rome, a few hundred people started the Protect Trans Youth' event in support of alias careers in schools. The alias career (i.e. the school's recognition of the name of the transition student) can be acceptable if the student has effectively started a transition pathway following diagnosis and assessmentpath that will end with a court ruling. -the cai are really infinitesimal-. It is not acceptable, however, if and when the student requests access on the basis of perceived gender -perception that in the vast majority of cases is transitional- and no course of action was initiated under Law 164/82 and subsequent rulings. The hammering trans-propaganda in schools, which Feminist Post has repeatedly reported on, could induce a girl or boy to self-read their psychic distress (discomfort soaring among teenagers, we talked about it here) come gender dysphoria and 'being born in the wrong body', far more glamorous and peer-approved reading of autism spectrum disorders, depressive disorders and so on. In some countries trans-indoctrination of children and adolescents has exceeded the guard level: even the largest trans health association, WPATH, admitted 'social contagion'. In UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak ordered an independent review on sex education in schools. While then Holland, trans-industry propaganda pushes furiously, as you will read below.

"Cambiare sesso è felicità!": la trans-industry spinge furiosamente sui bambini

That's right making children believe that people can 'change sex'. and that hormones and surgery to conform to a 'gender identity' bring a 'intense happiness"?

An episode of Simply NakedDutch public television programme in which some transgender adults show their naked bodies to 10-12 year old children, talking to them about the changes they made to 'align' their sex with their gender identity (here are a few frames of the video, which you can watch in full here).

"Cambiare sesso è felicità!": la trans-industry spinge furiosamente sui bambini

After explaining that there are not only males and females, but there is a whole 'spectrum' of gender identities, the presenter asks Anne Chris, a woman who has had an elective double mastectomy: "How do you feel after surgery?"

"Do you know the word 'euphoria'?" replies Anne Chris addressing the children directly. "It means happy. Extremely happy. I woke up and my breasts had disappearedI looked the way I had always wanted to look. Finally [my body] matched the way I felt inside. E I felt ecstatic".

"Cambiare sesso è felicità!": la trans-industry spinge furiosamente sui bambini

"I mean, like flying?" asks a little girl.

"Yes!" replies Anne Chris with a big smile. 'You simply feel an intense happiness,' interjects the host.

"I want it too," concludes the girl.

"Cambiare sesso è felicità!": la trans-industry spinge furiosamente sui bambini

"Cambiare sesso è felicità!": la trans-industry spinge furiosamente sui bambini

Meanwhile then UK on think tank Policy Exchange produced a report on the teaching of gender in schools and its implications for child safety. Using Freedom of Information requests (FOI - Freedom Of Information), collected a series of statistics, published in a report entitled Asleep at the Wheel i.e. 'asleep at the wheel', an expression indicating a failure to fulfil one's duties or responsibilities (here the full text).

The report showed how English children are taught unscientific falsehoods in the name of inclusion. The report shows that:

  • The schools' 72% teaches that people have a gender identity that may be different from their biological sex.
  • The 25% teaches that some people or children "may be born in the wrong body'.
  • The 30% teaches that a person who self-identifies as a man or woman must be treated as such in all circumstances.
  • In the name of gender identity, normal standards of protection are abandoned.
  • At least 28% of secondary schools do not have gender-divided toilets ( against gender neutral bathrooms and uniforms there was recently a student mobilisation)
  • The 19% has no gender-divided changing rooms.
  • Only a quarter of the schools stated that they inform parents if a pupil appears confused about his or her gender.

Furthermore, the report confirms that more than half of English schools have delegated the teaching of sex education (the so-called RHSE curriculum - Relationships, Health and Sex Education) to external organisations, which often follow a political agenda.

E Rishi Sunak runs for cover: the Prime Minister ordered an independent review on sex education in schools -that the Zan ddl would also have wanted in Italy- in response to parents' concerns about age-inappropriate lessons, reports the Telegraph.

In the coming weeks, a independent commission to advise on how to put in place 'clear safeguards to prevent pupils from being taught contested and potentially harmful concepts'. There are plans to introduce age-based restrictions, as for films, on what children can be taught to ensure that they are 'protected from inappropriate content'. The investigation will be completed by the end of the year.

Full article here

Translation, adaptation and texts by Maria Celeste and Marina Terragni

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