“Changing sex is happiness!”: the trans-industry pushes furiously on children
What you see is a frame from a Dutch broadcast in which trans people show their naked bodies to 10-12 year old girls. But the propaganda hits hard especially in schools, where many students self-interpret their mental distress - it is an epidemic - as gender dysphoria. And British Prime Minister Sunak takes action, ordering an independent investigation into sex education courses

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Yesterday in Rome a few hundred people gave life to the “Protect Trans Youth” demonstration in support of alias careers in schools. The career alias (i.e. the recognition by the school of the chosen name of the student in transition) can be acceptable if the student has effectively started a transition process following diagnoses and assessments, a process that will end with a court ruling. -cai are truly infinitesimal-. However, it is not acceptable if and when the student requests access based on their perceived gender -perception which in the vast majority of cases is transitory– and no process has been initiated based on law 164/82 and subsequent sentences. There pounding trans-propaganda in schools, which Feminist Post has reported on several times, could lead a girl or boy to self-read their own mental distress (unease rapidly increasing among teenagers, we talked about it here) csuch as gender dysphoria and “being born in the wrong body”, much more glamorous and peer-approved reading of autism spectrum disorders, depressive disorders and so on. In some countries trans-indoctrination of children and adolescents has exceeded the warning level: even the largest trans health association, WPATH, admitted the "social contagion". In UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has ordered an independent review into sex education in schools. While IIn Holland, trans-industry propaganda pushes furiously, as you will read below.

It's right make children believe that people can “change sex” and that hormones and surgeries to conform to a “gender identity” bring a “intense happiness”?

An episode of is being discussed Simply Naked, program on Dutch public television, in which some transgender adults show their naked bodies to 10-12 year old children, talking to them about the changes they made to "align" their sex with their gender identity (here are some frames from the video, which you can see in full here).

After explaining that there are not only males and females, but there is an entire “spectrum” of gender identity, the host asks Anne Chris, a woman who has had an elective double mastectomy: “How do you feel after the surgery?”

“Do you know the word 'euphoria'?” Anne Chris replies, addressing the children directly. “It means happy. Extremely happy. I woke up and my breasts were gone, I had the look I had always wanted. Finally [my body] matched the way I felt inside. AND I felt ecstatic”.

“That is, how to fly?” asks a little girl.

"Yes!" replies Anne Chris with a big smile. “You just feel intense happiness,” the host interjects.

“I want it too” concludes the little girl.

Meanwhile in UK il think tank Policy Exchange has produced a report on the teaching of gender in schools and its implications for children's safety. Using Freedom of Information (FOI) requests – Freedom Of Information), collected a series of statistics, published in a report entitled Asleep at the Wheel i.e. “Asleep at the wheel”, an expression indicating failure to fulfill one's duties or responsibilities (here the full text).

The report showed how English children are being taught unscientific falsehoods in the name of inclusion. The report shows that:

  • Schools 72% teaches that people have a gender identity that may be different from their biological sex.
  • The 25% teaches that some people or children “can be born in the wrong body."
  • 30% teaches that a person who self-identifies as a man or woman must be treated as such in all circumstances.
  • In the name of gender identity, normal standards of protection are abandoned.
  • At least 28% secondary schools do not have toilets divided by gender ( There was recently a student mobilization against gender neutral bathrooms and uniforms)
  • 19% does not have changing rooms divided by gender.
  • Only a quarter of schools said they inform parents if a student appears confused about their gender.

Furthermore, the report confirms that over half of English schools have delegated the teaching of sex education (the so-called RHSE curriculum – Relationships, Health and Sex Education) to external organizations, which often follow a political agenda.

AND Rishi Sunak takes action: the prime minister has ordered an independent review into sex education in schoolsthat the Zan bill would also have wanted in Italy– in response to parents' concerns about age-inappropriate lessons, reports the Telegraph.

One will be appointed in the coming weeks an independent commission to advise on how to put in place “clear safeguards to prevent pupils being taught contested and potentially harmful concepts”. There are plans to introduce age restrictions, like films, on what can be taught to children to ensure they are "protected from inappropriate content". The investigation will be completed by the end of the year.

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Translation, adaptation and texts by Maria Celeste and Marina Terragni

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