California, Washington... soon to be male prisoners in women's jails across the US

A new Californian law allows males who self-identify as women to serve their sentences in women's prisons. Without hormones or surgery. Ditto in Washington - and so in Canada and wherever self-id is in force. If the US Congress passes the Equality Act, this will happen all over the US.
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If something is written on the Wall Street Journal perhaps easier to believe. Well, the prestigious daily devotes an article to the absurd situation in Californian prisons: male prisoners, with their male bodies intact, who call themselves women and ask to be transferred to women's prisons on the basis of Bill 132, in force since 1 January. If the US Senate approves the Equality Act passed by President Joe Biden, this situation could soon affect women's prisons all over America. We talked about it here e here. Yesterday we talked about a sensational case in the Canary Islands, see here. We have been accused of spreading fake news, despite sources - such as the Los Angeles Times- were quite credible. We agree: the whole thing is so absurd as to sound like a fake. Here the WSJ.

California's crazy laws occasionally go national. Take SB 132which came into force in January. Allows male prisoners who identify as transgender to transfer to women's prisons on the basis of 'individual preference'. - without hormones, surgery or time spent living as the opposite sex. Spokeswoman Terry Thornton of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation says that 264 male prisoners declared a non-male identity and formally requested to be transferred to female facilities.

If Congress passes the Equality Act - the House has already done so - incarcerated biological men who identify as women would be entitled to be transferred to federal women's prisons and perhaps also to state prisons at national level. 

How does it work in California?

Things are not going well according to Amie IchikawaShe was released in 2013 from the Central California Women's Facility in Chowchilla, where she served five years for assault and kidnapping. Ms. Ichikawa is now forming annon-profit organisation to help women currently in prison. I went to his home in Torrance, and he put me in touch with four other current and former prisoners. He contacted me after I was heard by the Senate Judiciary Committee in March to testify against the Equality Act. I told the lawmakers that although the vast majority of transgender Americans are peaceful, honest and law-abiding, the bill was too broad and would have been subject to abuse by opportunistic male criminals.

California, Washington... presto in tutti gli Usa detenuti maschi nelle carceri femminili
Amie Ichikawa

None of the currently and formerly incarcerated women I spoke to expressed any animosity towards transgender people. They all acknowledged that some biological transgender men were abused in male prisons. Many stated that they would have no problem sharing a cell with native males. who had undergone gender reassignment surgery. But according to Tyrina Griffin, who served 20 years in Chowchilla for second-degree murder and whose wife, Rachelle Johnson, is currently serving a life sentence, many of the men who are moving out are not even on hormone therapy. "They can have a full erection". he said. "So you're locked in this room, 24/7, with a man, and there's nothing you can do about it. If you tell the police that you don't want to live with a man, or you are afraid or whatever, you will receive a disciplinary offence. So you're basically punished for being scared".

Abigail Shrier here WSJ

Abigail again on another mastheadarticle entitled: The following piece might be the most urgent one I have written.

The women I spoke to - currently and formerly incarcerated in the "Chowchilla" prison (the Central California Correctional Facility ), this state's maximum security women's prison - are seeing biological males starting to identify themselves as females and being transferred. The state of Washington, which has a similar policy, has already allowed a rapist and serial killer of women to be transferred to the women's prison

Like Washington state, California not requires gender reassignment surgery or hormones for allow men to be transferred to the women's prison. Self-identification is sufficient. Rightly so, these women are terrified. Almost all women who commit violent crimes, they told me, do so under the influence of a brutal man (usually a partner or family member). This does not justify their crimes, of course -their victims deserved justice and the women deserved incarceration- but it does explain how they may understand their new housemates: men, in their experience, are often evil and terrifying. Now will be trapped in confined spaces with male bodies. 

Being terrorized in this way would not be part of their sentence.. Many of these women are victims of sexual abuse. Rochelle Johnson is currently serving a life sentence in Chowchilla for murder (she did not kill but participated in a robbery with a victim). "How can you force me to live with someone if you don't know what I went through as a child, if you don't know what I went through getting to hate men?" she said. Hardly anyone cares about these women. As convicted criminals, many of them have lost their right to vote. Their social and political power is almost non-existent. But when I sat down with them, I met women who spoke about the reality of the difference between the sexes in a far more sensible way than I can hear almost anywhere else.

Ed That is why this piece is so urgent: in a few months' time, as male-bodied offenders enter the system simply as 'females', it may be impossible to write about this issue. For the moment, these are transfers from men's prisons. But under California law (and that of other states with similar laws - and presumably all states, if the Equality Act passes), Soon male prisoners will not even start their sentence in a male prison. They will simply identify themselves as women when they are sentenced and go straight to the women's prison. as "detained". In other words, may soon be untraceable by journalists or feminist groups who would like to know how the women trapped in this experiment are doing.

With the entry into force of other new laws, for example, that allow sex change on birth certificatesand as it is increasingly considered an act of inadmissible discrimination to register biological sex in conflict with 'gender identity' on any public document, it may be impossible to know which of the detainees in the female facilities are biologically male. The violence they perpetrate against female prisoners will simply be registered as violence of 'women against women'. Only those in prison will know what is going on; the rest of us will be prevented from knowing. And a experiment of horrible indifference to the life and safety of these women will be considered a progressive victory.

original article here

Meanwhile, news from Washington.

A half a dozen men have been transferred to the Washington Correctional Center for Woman, according to an employee of the facility. The employee said on KIRO Radio's Dori Monson Show that the Pierce County women's facility allows transfer to any person who identifies as a woman, with housing in the women's cells. Contacted for comment, the women's correctional centre did not confirm or deny the details. "We are not in a position to share any specific information about allegations, information and cases".

California, Washington... presto in tutti gli Usa detenuti maschi nelle carceri femminiliThe front of the Washington Corrections Center for Women

The department also refused the request for an interview. The concern among staff and inmates is the risk of sexual assaults. The employee mentions a recent incident where an inmate from a male facility raped a woman upon arrival at the women's prison. The transferred prisoner, according to the employee, is incarcerated for a sexual offence and has 'fully functioning male genitalia, a history of violence and sexual depravity in the community and has been found guilty of sexual violence against other inmates while housed among men." "It is a proven sexual predator, having committed multiple crimes against women, but Washington State had no problem transferring him to a facility for women and housing him among the most vulnerable of our population (our mental health unit)," the employee wrote.

"News of the incident inevitably travelled throughout the facility, causing much concern among both inmates and staff," the employee said. "It has demonstrated the willingness of the state to endanger the most vulnerable of our population, Locking them up in a cell with a proven predator, with zero responsibility or repercussions for the perpetrator".

Among the inmates transferred to the women's facility is Donna Perry, formerly known as Douglas Perry, who was convicted of killing three prostitutes. Before being charged, Perry was allegedly went to Thailand for gender reassignment surgery. Prosecutors said during the trial that Perry had undergone the surgery to avoid suspicion for the murders. Hobby Bingham, now known as Princess Zoee Marie Andromeda Love, was also recently transferred. was sentenced for having sex with a 12-year-old girl. Bingham is accused by the anonymous employee of having sexual relations with an inmate at the women's facility.

Lo Pierce County Sheriff, Ed Troyer, said his department received a similar email and a series of calls. "What we've done is get in touch with the state patrol because it's jurisdiction is with the state," he said. "We're making sure the state patrol is aware of this information that we got from a couple of different sources. E our command staff and investigators will work with the Washington State Patrol to make sure they have everything they need." .....

The only prerequisite for requesting the transfer, according to the employee, is that the individual identifies as a woman. She does not have to take hormones, have undergone reassignment surgery, or be in transition, she just has to "proclaim that she identifies as a woman". Dori cited studies that have shown that 86% of women who are in prison in their lifetime have been victims of sexual assault.

According to the employee, 150 biological men are waiting to be transferred in the coming months.

"Inmates and guards are terrified". said Dori.

Full article heretranslated by Marina Terragni

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