Bullying and social contagion behind the epidemic of 'trans children' in British schools

Children who come home from school saying they are 'trans' often have autism or learning difficulties and have been bullied. In the UK, parents denounce the role of peers and teachers and accuse schools of failing in their duty of care towards vulnerable pupils.
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Since we founded Our Duty in 2018, we collected the experiences of parents with children who would like to embark on a lifelong path of mutilation, sterilisation, loss of sexual function and regret.

Their testimonies reveal how the children are encouraged to embrace a transgender identity by other pupils, with the connivance of teachers and often deliberately without the knowledge of their parents. 


Let us start with the testimony of a mother of an boy with autism, ADHD, epilepsy, mental health problems (including suicidal fantasies) and learning difficulties, who has been encouraged by the girls at his school to wear a skirt. 

[The girls] brought him skirts to wear and encouraged him to go to the bathroom and change. When he came out, they applauded... they also gave him tights to wear. My son then went to the maths class where the teacher even applauded him. The school contacted us and asked us to write a letter saying why we didn't want our son to wear a skirt to school; When we raised our concerns about the girls encouraging him, the school replied that they were simply supportive. The girls have sincencouraged my son to wear a long dress to the prom. and invited him to their house to get ready. The school contacted me to tell me that they offered to take up a collection to buy him a suit. I really didn't know what to say at that point; I was stunned.

This is a classic example of social affirmation, an incredibly powerful psychological intervention focused on the acceptance of the new identity, the new name and the "preferred pronouns".. The aim is to cement the sense of being 'born in the wrong body' and needing medical intervention to be happy. Social affirmation makes further exploration that does not involve medicalisation almost impossible, as well as a reversal from the path of puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and surgery.

But there is an even more sinister side to this story. As noted by the psychiatrist Lisa Littmanthe investigative reporter Abigail Shrier and many others, autistic children are particularly vulnerable to transgender ideology; studies have shown that transgender and gender non-conforming people have 6 times more likely to be autistic (many autistic people are not diagnosed, so this is likely to be a significant underestimate).


We also have the testimony of another mother, whose daughter attends the same school as above. This girl was also diagnosed with autism; like many children facing the onset of puberty nowadays, he was self-harming and had started wearing a bandage to flatten her breasts.. His conviction of having a transgender identity was supported by other girlswho not only pandered to his delusion of being a boy, but also started to target his parents.

I was surprised when I received a message from one of her schoolmates. It said : "Your daughter is a transgender boy, we use he/she pronouns and we think you should do the same". I was shocked, upset and angry. How could anyone else know our daughter better than us? They had tried to push her to tell us. I looked at the messages on my daughter's phone and were trying to get her to tell all the teachers to use her new name and pronouns and they also said they wanted to tell their parents and friends, to whom "it would be OK".

The mother goes on to describe the immense pressure exerted by these friends on her daughter to realise her transgender identity. They urged her to tell her parents and teachers that she was trans, they told her that she would feel better once she started taking testosterone.and that 'those who love you will always love you, no matter how many surgeries you have'. They called his first name deadname ('dead name') and they even offers to buy her a binder (headband to hide breasts). With all this coercion, all this bullying, where was the school? Where were the teachers?

I wanted to go to those girls' homes and talk to their parents, but I was advised that I had to let the school intervene. I informed the school about what had happened and showed them all the screenshots of coercion. The headteacher denied it was bullying and said she had had a "quiet chat" with the girls and their parents. Nothing more was done. [...]

Parents who challenge teachers on transgender ideology in schools are used to being ignored or, worse, branded as hateful transphobes intent on immiserating their children by denying their new identity. Meanwhile, schools boast of their LGBTQIA+ credentials and their relationships with lobbyists such as Stonewall and Gendered Intelligencethe same organisations that are quick to brand anyone who criticises the ideology of gender identity as bigots e "sexual racists".

The most frustrating thing about schools' support for gender identity ideology and the bullies who promote it is that are ignoring the government leadership on planning lessons on relationships, gender and health. The government's guidelines could not be clearer: they advise teachers not to reinforce harmful stereotypes by suggesting that children belong to a different gender based on their personality, interests or clothes, and clearly state that should not suggest to gender non-conforming children that their personality or body is wrong and needs to be changed.

The only way to stop bullying is to oppose it, but there are few official ways to challenge school policies. In the UK, the only formal power parents have to challenge the content of lessons is religious objection through the SACRE system There is no other official channel for them to hold schools to account as in the US. 

But this does not mean that parents are powerless. Write to your school to ask if they are aware of and are following government guidelines; if you know of teachers who actively advocate gender ideology, challenge them. Write to governors, your MP, Academy Trust trustees and LEA children's services directors. Read the educational materials of Transgender Trend e Safe School Allianceand the opinions of affected parents on Our Duty.

When parents unite, they often succeed in counteracting the ideology of gender identity. There are some success stories worth mentioning: firstly, the Safe Schools Alliance forced Oxfordshire County Council to withdraw the trans toolkit after threatening legal action; in addition, parents from a school in Rhondda Cynon Taf were successful in a 'new' school.similar initiative

If you have doubts about why you should do it, imagine your daughter with a beard, scars from a double mastectomy and infertile; imagine your son with breasts and a wound between his legs. Many of us do not need to imagine it, it is reality.

Activist teachers cannot continue to promote this havoc unchallenged. If they do not take their duty of care seriously, then it is up to parents to remind them that their words can do lifelong damage.

full article heretranslation by Maria Celeste

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