Boris Johnson: No to male bodies in women's sports
Following a letter to the International Cycling Union that defines the rules on the inclusion of transgender athletes as discriminatory, Boris Johnson declares that "trans women", i.e. men born biologically male, should not compete in women's sports and that women have the right to spaces dedicated only to them.

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The women's sport "inclusive" of those born male is currently the subject of a fiery debate in the English media, also in view of upcoming national elections (May 2022).

They had already done it sensation the scandalous victories of Lia Thomas in America, but the prospect of a similar case in Great Britain has raised the attention of athletes and all women, and it also forced Prime Minister Boris Johnson to speak on the topic.

In this case it was the athletes' protest was effective, expressed in one letter to the International Cycling Union, For block the unjust participation of a male body to their competitions.

The initiative is similar to the one undertaken last year by Italian athletes jokes from Valentina born Fabrizio Petrillo (see here). The difference is that the Italian authorities have not yet responded.


Emily Bridges, transgender cyclist

Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister, he has declared last night who does not believe that “transgender women” (men born biologically male) they should compete in women's sporting events.

Johnson, who was talking about a variety of issues including the British government's approach to blocking the so-called conversion therapy, stated that male-born athletes should not compete in women's sports, and that the women should have spaces dedicated just to them in hospitals, prisons or changing rooms.

THE comments of Johnson arrive following one letter signed by a group of cyclists - including Olympic champions, scientists and researchers - who they ask the UCI, the world governing body of cycling, by change the rules regarding the participation of transgender athletes.

Letter sent to the UCI dated 4 April 2022.

There letter -also signed by Sarah Symington, responsible for the Olympic and Paralympic programs at British Cycling– states that the current rules on the so-called inclusion of transgender athletes are asymmetrical And discriminatory is that the UCI should to be able to apply the eligibility criteria for women “based on female biological characteristics”.

There issue of transgender athletes yes it was recently concentrated on the case of transgender cyclist Emily Bridges, which it was declared by the UCI lacking the necessary requirements to compete in her first women's cycling race elite. Bridges said being transgender in October 2020, starting to take female hormones in 2021. She had been allowed to enter women's sporting events by British Cycling afterwards to lowering your testosterone levels.

FeministPost editorial team.
Introduction by Maria Celeste.
Translations by Angela Tacchini.

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