No more censorship in universities! Gender critical prof fighting for freedom of speech

Kathleen Stock, docente di filosofia all'Università del Sussex, Uk
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“There is an obstinacy in me that cannot tolerate being intimidated by the will of others.

My courage rises with every attempt to scare me."

Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice, 1813


An earthquake is shaking Anglo-Saxon universities. To provoke him gender critical professors who denounce, risking their careers, the loss of academic freedom and the intimidating climate in discussing sex, gender and gender identity.

«The gender identity movement is erasing people's freedom of speech and the academic freedom of anyone who does not comply, openly opposes or calls for the right to debate». To support it is Donna Hughes, professor of Gender Studies at the University of Rhode Island, United States, who wrote an incendiary essay for the feminist site 4W, Fourth Wave.

In the essay, Hughes comes down hard. He writes: “Believing that gender can be changed is a transsexual fantasy" is that " young people are driven towards hormonal and surgical horrors that remove sex“. Not only. Hughes denounces the fact that many people have started paying the misgendering – the wrong attribution of gender – with the loss of your social account or even your job. He then goes as far as to compare people whose gender identity is different from the sex registered at birth to Qanon followers and criticizes the left for diving headfirst into a world of lies. Boom!

His comments were immediately slammed by the director of the University's Gender and Sexuality Center, Annie Russell, who called them "unacceptable." The University distanced itself with a statement stating that they do not support statements that express anti-transgender views. One followed online campaign of denigration.

Hughes isn't the only one who finds herself at odds with her institution's orthodoxy. In the United Kingdom, Kathleen Stock, professor of Philosophy at the University of Sussex, recently awarded an OBE for her campaign for academic freedom – and in particular that of examining requests from pressure groups such as Stonewall – received one in January open letter signed by 600 people "dismayed" by his honor. Reason? His nefarious rhetoric. The e-mail accuses Stock of transphobic scaremongering, wanting to limit people's access to life-saving medical treatments and encouraging the harassment of gender non-conforming people. «It was incredibly stressful to see blatant lies presented as fact. But the letter also demonstrates What a monstrous mess we've ended up in when we talk about sex and gender» replies Stock. And goes on: "I abhor discrimination against the trans world I also believe in the freedom to examine the consequences of change, including the costs to women, gay rights, and the health of children who want to change gender. As a lesbian with teenage children these topics are very close to me. And I am even more so as an academic and philosopher whose task it is investigate the truth. We must be free to discuss these things in public. Yet when I tried I received complaints, disciplinary investigations, protests from students, and constant defamation from colleagues».

Stock was isolated. «I've stopped going to philosophy conferences because I can't stand it anymoreostracism and dirty looks. I walk into my department at the University of Sussex with a sense of terror. Two years ago the campus security manager shocked me by showing me the emergency phone system and had me install a peephole on the door. Later, when he graduates from a session I was joined by security who showed me the quickest way to leave the stage during an emergency, I was no longer shocked – the experience had become normal».

Removed from Twitter, Stock released amuch discussed interview with Charlie Hebdo Where she accused the liberal feminism of middle-class university students of having surrendered to the militant trans movement by distancing itself from the working class.

For those who work at the University, the message is clear: either you conform to the dominant narrative or you end up badly. It is no coincidence that other academics like Selina Todd, historic Oxford, has a ssecurity service for your conferences And Alice Sullivan, professor of sociology at University College London was removed – no platforming – from an event on guidelines for census data collection. Is this a new witch hunt? Silence is violence.

Oxford historian Selina Todd

To rebel against this culture GCAcademia Network was born, a site where gender critical teachers and students anonymously denounce the intimidating climate, bullying, threats and essentially the death of academic debate. Chilling testimonies that once again measure the suffocating climate and the loss of freedom in universities. A teacher: «They push us to declare and use ea pronouns confess if we are cis or trans. Teaching Women and Gender Studies has become a nightmare that no one wants to talk about anymore. Queer Theory dominates everywhere». A student studying English Literature: «I recently had an essay corrected where they replaced every time I wrote “female” or “sex” with “gender” and “gender identity”. Some phrasesthey don't even make sense anymore. I thought the point of going to college was to support freedom of expression and promote discussion and debate. I feel like leaving».

Alice Sullivan Professor of Sociology UCL

Another student from the University of Edinburgh: «We are asked to use Stonewall-approved terminology and talk about sex assigned at birth and of the true kind of people». Not even university feminist groups are safe. «I am a Fine Arts student at a University in the United Kingdom. I joined the Feminist Society thinking of finding a space to freely debate feminism. The first Zoom session was opened by a man who used the pronouns She/Her. He spoke for women as if he were a woman although obviously she had never experienced sexism firsthand because she clearly had a man with female pronouns. I was shocked but if I had intervened I would have been accused of transphobia and terfism».  

Nina Wess March 30, 2021

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