“Transgender” girls/girls: it's contagion from social media. Even the largest trans association admits it
Tik Tok, Youtube and others: the president of WPATH, the global association for trans health, forced to admit that influencers have a large part in the epidemic of transitions among minors, a phenomenon denied by Western progressives who brand any alarm as transphobia. But we don't stop pushing for medicalization and early surgery

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The Honorable Alessandro Zan, first signatory of the infamous bill on gender identity ended up in the cavalry, had denied the dramatic increase in cases of transition of girls and boys, defining the news as a "dangerous statement"

In 2021 there were already numerous statistics signaling the extent of the problem, but apparently Zan was not aware of it - which is unacceptable - or he pretended not to know or more probably he ideologically believed that the simple fact of asking the question should be considered certain proof of transphobia.

Who knows what the Honorable Zan and with him all the pro-gender identity "progressives" will think that with the bill they wanted to introduce LGBTQ+ training in schools of the fact that today even Marci Bowers, president of WPATH -world professional association for transgender health which has always pushed for affirmation and medical intervention for young people who believe they are the opposite sex,- he had to admit in an interview with New York Times that the dramatic increase in children and adolescents who identify as transgender is also due to social contagion.

Marci Bowers, MtoF transsexual, is one surgeon specialized in the construction of pseudo-vaginas starting from an inverted penis, known for operating on Jazz Jenning in front of the cameras of his Reality show “I am Jazz”.

Another WPATH member who has admitted to social contagion is Erica Anderson, clinical psychologist, also an MtoF transsexual who has treated hundreds of children and adolescents for supposed gender dysphoria and who has written about power of trans influencers on TikTok And YouTube that encourage young people to identify as transgender.

However, all this has not stopped the WPATH from removing the requirements for a minimum age to begin transition from its latest standards of care guidelines; the guidelines also include gender identities among gender identities aspiring eunuchs (people who wish to be castrated) (see here). Above all, WPATH has not stopped advising doctors to immediately “affirm” – that is, medicalize – any child who declares a transgender identity.

Translation and adaptation by Maria Celeste and Marina Terragni, full article here

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