Hormone-addicted children: an in vivo trial. Who will pay for it?

Hilary Cass, the British paediatrician who produced a monumental report on 'affirmative therapy' for minors does not mince words: those children 'were used as footballs'. There has never been any evidence that puberty blockers work, that they reduce suicide risk, that they increase patients' well-being: far from it. Will those who, in the absence of scientific certainty, have inflicted these treatments, who have even persecuted so many people of goodwill determined to expose the scandal in the name of truth, go unpunished? Keira Bell, the best known detransitioner, hopes for criminal consequences
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English Keira Bell, former patient of the Tavistock Clinic in London, is definitely the most famous de-transitioner. After the publication of the Cass Review he says to The Times who would like to see criminal proceedings started so that the children treated by the clinic with puberty blockers and hormones can finally get justice.

Keira is now 27 years old and judges the treatment she has undergone -blockers, hormones, removal of breasts-. 'experimental at best, destructive at worst' and believes that professionals ignored his trauma and complex mental health problems (you can read his story here).

For her it was 'traumatic' and 'sad'.read the Cass Review which definitively demolished affirmative therapy for minors, a therapy built on uncertain and shaky foundations. But today fears that private clinics will be set up to practise 'gender medicine'."Many of these doctors have just joined the private sector. Or they are somehow involved in the NHS and simply move on. I don't think this is justice. Many of those doctors," he adds, "apparently were well aware of what they were doing. But it seems that financial incentives have prevailed over all moral principles. I feel anger at this'.

Bell told the Times to feel "at least partly vindicated" by the review conducted by paediatrician Hilary Cassaccording to which there was no valid evidence to support prescribing hormones to children under the age of 18 to stop puberty or to switch to the opposite sex, a protocol applied worldwide.

She was started on puberty blockers after the fourth date. The sessions, he says, were "superficial and did not go deep at all. They told me that the blockers would only be a break". But Cass's analysis found that there was no evidence that blockers gave young people 'time to think' by delaying the onset of puberty,

Bell believes that doctors ignored his mental health problems to try to cure gender dysphoria instead. "I was very mentally ill and had a complex past, I had to deal with trauma," she said. "I was allowed to embark on this insane and destructive process at an early age, without anyone really taking responsibility for it." According to Bell medical services 'must completely detach themselves from any kind of political influence'.

Bell still has mental health problems and suffers from dislocated bones caused by blockers.

(here the interview with Keira Bell published by The Times).

Who will pay for Keira, for the Swedish 'Leo' and for all the detranstioners in the world? Here are their wordswe were already listening to them three years ago. Who will pay for their compromised bone development, for those beards on their girlish faces, for their cognitive problems, for their depression, for their probable infertility, for their mutilated bodies? Who will pay for those who did not make it, such as Yarden Silveira? Who will pay for those parents who were persuaded to initiate their daughter-son into affirmative therapy confronted with the brutal alternative: "Would you prefer a living son or a dead daughter?"And for those who trusted unscrupulous doctors or at best uninformed or ideologised? For those who have believed, as many scientific societies continue to assure, that puberty blockers are 'life-saving drugs' and that their effects are perfectly reversible?

Who will compensate those doctors who instead had the strength to keep the point of health of girls and children -primum non nocere- and for this they were marginalised, mocked or accused of transphobia? Who will pay, widening the circle, for all those intellectuals, teachers, journalists who have tried to resist mainstream ideology and for this have been isolated, bullied or have lost their jobs? Who will pay for what happened to us gender critical feminists, blacklisted internationally, mocked, indexed, labelled as Terf, threatened, denounced, haunted by transactivism? What recognition will we receive, and from whom, for having had the strength to point to affirmative therapy as one of the worst scandals in the history of medicine?


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