Zan bill: Italy's vast majority says no to gender identity

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The survey you see (crowfunded by feminist associations including Se Non Ora Quando, RadFem Italia, Libreria delle Donne, Udi and others) does not measure the general consensus on the Zan ddl, but aims at the true core of the bill: gender identitythe free perception of oneself irrespective of one's sex of birth -or, as we say today, attributed at birth-, totally dematerialised.

The battle over gender identity has raged halfway around the world: Spain, Germany, all the way to Peru. In Britain it ended with the defeat of the supporters of perceived gender.

The injustices suffered by Malika or the two boys kissing on the underground': this is what you think about when you think about the bill, not gender identity.

The survey instead focuses on three aspects of the issuestarting with the self-id or free self-certification of gender with a simple deed to the registry office, without expert opinions or judgments: nhe majority of those against, 66%, with a slight predominance of men, the youngest and most educated. Only 20% is in favour; 14% is silent. With considerable social impact, self-id is already law in Canada, Malta and other countries.

Ddl Zan: in Italia la grande maggioranza dice no all'identità di genere

Puberty blockers for minors waiting to decide on their genderalso here very clear majority of those against (66%)The number of those in favour fell to 13% and the number of those who were uncertain to 21%.

The hormonal blockage of puberty - few know it - is authorised in Italy by simple medical expertise. In Great Britain, however, a court approval is requiredthe turning point after theexponential increase, + 4000% in a few years, of transitions between girls (mostly) and boys, and after the case won by the very young detransitioner Keira Bell against the National Health Service (in Sweden the treatment of minors with hormones has been banned these days).

Interviewed a few days ago by Guardian psychiatrist David Bell, formerly with the Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) at the Tavistock Clinic in London, said that the children, often rushed into therapy, in many cases 'are gay... some are depressed' or suffer from 'anorexia, autism or have a history of trauma'.

Ddl Zan: in Italia la grande maggioranza dice no all'identità di genere

Finally, the participation of trans women athletes in women's sports: a well-known case in Italy, the Paralympic sprinter Valentina Petrillo. Here too a majority of those against: 56% (69% among men, who normally pay more attention to sport), 30% those in favour, 14% those not sure.

In the US it is a major political issue. In the first 24 hours of his term of office Joe Biden issued a executive order allowing trans women athletes in women's sports: the battle in the states rages, the global network Save Women's Sport fights, many female T athletes are preparing for the Olympics. Right now she is at the centre of a furious shitstorm. trans icon Caitlyn Jenner, former Olympic decathlon champion, stepfather of Kim Kardashian and running for governor of California. And just for saying, as an athlete, that it seems unfair for transwomen to compete with women.

Ddl Zan: in Italia la grande maggioranza dice no all'identità di genere

This is what gender identity is, and it is at the heart of the Zan bill. How many people know about it?

Approved hastily in the House In November, when the intensive care units were filling up, the bill was preparing for the final rush to the Senate. "That text is not going to be modified!": Monica Cirinnà closes a debate that has never been opened.

Sensitive topics such as divorce, abortion and assisted reproduction have engaged Italian society in debate for years. Gender identity is an even more sensitive issue, having to do with human sexuality and the materiality of bodies reduced to insignificance: a true anthropological revolution.

In 1984 Ivan Illichfather of European environmentalism, prophesied the annulment of sexual difference, "unprecedented change in the human condition". The market will demand the neutrum oeconomicumfluid, flexible, fungible subject. A 'disappearance of gender that degrades women more than men', the language will be 'simultaneously neutral and sexist'.

With the goodwill of Senator Cirinnà, here there is really a lot to discuss.

Marina Terragni

(article published by La Stampa 4 May 2021. Poll: Antonio Noto Polls)

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