I believed in Stonewall. But we have created a monster
The historic organization for gay and lesbian rights was born, says former ambassador Kate Harris, to make the world a better place. But things ended very badly

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Of Kate Harris, former ambassador of Stonewall and co-founder of LGB Alliance

I used to work at American Express in the golden age of brilliant campaign by Stonewall* for LGB equality at work. As “Ambassador StonewalI was happy and proud to support the program Diversity Champions created in 2005.

The Equality Index was only a small part of Stonewall's efforts to make employers aware that LGB people exist, and that their rights needed to be protected. There were meetings, training programs and an annual conference with high-level speakers, such as the Home Secretary.

The index was a simple series of questions that allowed LGB people to see if employers knew what the law said to help create a workforce that took diversity into account, encouraging us to be proud.

It was about a civilized and well-intentioned program. His current version it makes me shiver. It's vile. Stonewall encourages organizations to be “ahead of the law” and provides incorrect advice onEquality Act. He says gender reassignment equals gender identity. This is a mistake.

It is a mystery to me how what started out as a brilliant and progressive program ended up so badly. Stonewall has created an environment where you either toe the line or you are a transphobic bigot. It's very easy to make mistakes. Ask Stonewall if there really is a need to fight for employees to use preferred pronouns, or if women wouldn't prefer to have private bathrooms immediately you will be marked as transphobic.

Why are employers enslaved to an unelected lobby that misrepresents the law and instead fails to safeguard the reputation of their companies and the well-being of all employees?

People trusted Stonewall only because sensitive and caring volunteers testified to its trustworthiness to employers. We did this in the firm belief of making the world a better place. Then, somehow, we took our eyes off the ball. Years later we realized we had created a monster.

*Stonewall is a historic LGBTQ+ association, among the most important in the world

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