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UK. Cass report: never again affirmative therapy for minors with gender-related problems
The final report on the transitions of minors by pediatrician Hilary Cass is released: offering affirmative therapy was a failure. There is no evidence on the effectiveness of puberty blockers, which should never be prescribed, except in rare special cases. Opposite sex hormones should not be given before the age of 18, and even between 18 and 25 caution should be used. A definitive watershed

The long-awaited definitive report of the Cass Review was released this morning, an independent review chaired by pediatrician Hilary Cass on […]

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Italian psychoanalysts: stop puberty blockers
The Italian Psychoanalytic Society criticizes puberty blockers for children: dangerous and experimental treatment. And she joins gender critical feminists and parents in calling for scientific data and a public debate on the best treatment for minors suffering from gender dysphoria

For years, we gender critical feminists have been fighting against the scandal of the medicalization of children in the name of gender identity. AND

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The trans-athlete Petrillo wins everything. And - obviously - think about politics
Fabrizio-Valentina Petrillo continues to rout her opponents. Last podium was the 200m master indoor championships in Ancona. He says that sport divided by sexes is violence. And he proclaims his motto-manifesto: «Everyone must have the opportunity to determine for themselves who they are». Starting with the genre

Between the Olympics and the Zan DDL, last year the sports newspapers dedicated a lot of space to "inclusive sport" and to Valentina born

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A femicide named Lorena
The Canary Islands approve a law that allows self-certification of gender. And just two days later a murderer on trial for having abused and killed his cousin declared himself a woman to escape the aggravating circumstances for a sexual crime. And being detained in a women's prison. A case that shakes Spain

Feminists have been warning for some time. And it's happening. For months, Spanish feminism has been doing a great job of informing

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