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No, the veil is not "feminist"
Not all choices, however apparently free, can be defined as feminism. The modesty of Islamic clothing is a surrender to the idea of the impurity of women and the ungovernability of male sexuality. And it's not clear why a left-wing weekly like l'Espresso promotes modest fashion ***

How to convince progressives to abandon gender
Terrified by transactivists and worried about appearing "right-wing", left-wing Westerners support the transition of minors even in the absence of studies demonstrating that "affirmative therapy" works and promotes the well-being of gender non-conforming girls and boys. “But everyone has the right to evidence-based medicine,” argue some liberals determined to “break the spell.” And they created DIAG -Democrats for an Informed Approach to Gender- to convince democrats in the USA and around the world that continuing on this path is wrong and dangerous. For children and for the left. An article by Bernard Lane

Turning point at the New York Times: strong doubts about hormones for children with gender dysphoria
The main woke newspaper in the world has always supported transactivist demands without hesitation, starting with the indecent treatment reserved for JK Rowling. Today the newspaper changes direction and in a very long article criticizes "affirmative therapy" (puberty blockers, hormones and surgery) for trans minors, giving voice to some detransitioners who have hitherto been censored and ostracized. Because now even many Democratic voters have strong doubts. And there is the risk of losing many readers: “get woke, go broke”

Pregnant men and other wonders
The health of "Marco", a FtM trans woman who is five months pregnant and pumped full of testosterone, and that of her baby are the least of the problems. What matters for the liberal press that talks about the "anthropological revolution" is whether "Marco" should be called mother or father. But only a woman can give birth even if her name is male in the registry office. Nothing has changed in this since the dawn of time. Meanwhile, the trans front is losing ground: in one year the number of members of WPATH, the largest organization for transgender health, has fallen by 60 percent

Child rapists: shocking report in the UK
In Great Britain 18 rapes a day are committed by minors on their peers: in 2022 these cases numbered 15,000, almost always by very young males. A British police report shows how free access to violent pornography online is normalizing criminal sexual behavior in England and across other Western countries

New Hampshire: no more "sex change" surgery on minors
The American state has approved a bill that prohibits surgeons from carrying out operations such as the removal of ovaries and breasts for females and the removal of penises and testicles for males on people under 18 years of age. The bill states that these interventions violate the patient's "informed consent" and underlines that studies have not shown a decrease in the suicide risk of minors after the interventions. Indeed: the danger increases

Perhaps puberty should be blocked for EVERYONE: transhuman drift by the World Health Organization
With a real Christmas blitz, the WHO announces its intention to develop new gender-affirmative guidelines and sets up a panel made up of three-quarters of transactivists in favor of the medicalisation of children. Preferably everyone, even those who don't suffer from dysphoria. Because choosing what sex you are must become a universal right. An international petition calls for the initiative to be stopped

Germany is also considering a ban on hormones for girls with "gender dysphoria"
While we are preparing to approve one of the most permissive laws regarding the transition of minors, a Bundestag document puts the brakes on and calls for caution. Because there is insufficient scientific evidence that affirmative pharmacological therapy increases the well-being of adolescents and that its effects are reversible. We need a serious and in-depth debate that has so far been prevented by transaggressive activism and the pressure of LGBTQ+ lobbies on politics and the media

UK: new guidelines for "trans children" at school
No to the "social" transition for primary school girls. Careful evaluation in the other grades to ensure that there is no "social" influence. Involvement of parents in every decision. Bathrooms divided by gender. And an end to the LGBTQAI+ propaganda which for years has almost exclusively managed affective and sexual education courses. Look at the turning point in the United Kingdom so as not to make the same mistakes

When abortion is violence
A large number of pregnancy terminations can be explained by men's irresponsibility and "escape". “For whose pleasure am I aborting?” Carla Lonzi wondered. But this male violence is never mentioned and women continue to be blamed. As the ProVitas do with their proposal to force them to listen to the heartbeat of the fetus

Trials and rapes
The questions posed in the courtroom to the alleged victim of sexual violence by Ciro Grillo and his companions are very reminiscent of the tones of the defense lawyers in the famous "Rape Trial" of 1979. The formidable speech by Tina Lagostena Bassi, civil party lawyer in that procedure, explains why these methods of interrogation were - and remain - unacceptable. Let's listen to it again

UK: increasingly clear no to gender self-identification (self-id)
Justice agrees with the Sunak government: the Scottish law that wanted to introduce free choice of sex is not constitutional. Meanwhile, the Minister of Equal Opportunities Kemi Badenoch defines the pharmacological treatment of "gender non-conforming" girls as "conversion therapy". And he announces a law against self-id tourism

America also slows down on hormones for "trans" children
The first lawsuits start in the USA from young people treated with puberty blockers and hormones who have seen their condition worsen. And the AAP - American Pediatric Association - announces the revision of its guidelines that have been favorable to these treatments to date. Meanwhile, research shows that the so-called "affirmative therapy" does not improve the situation of young people with dysphoria at all. In fact, they feel better when they stop it

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