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Don't let parents know that their child at school is "already" a boy: new law in California
The incredible Safety Act which has come into force in the American state prohibits schools from disclosing information on pupils' gender identity, keeping parents in the dark about the fact that the social transition has already taken place in the classroom. A terribly violent rule that favors trans-propaganda and strips families deemed all "transphobic" of the right to accompany their minor children in a delicate phase of their growth. The essayist Abigail Shrier writes about it talking about "grooming" and "child predators"

Girls with gender dysphoria: giving time is the best cure
A very recent German study confirms this: within 5 years of diagnosis, almost 7 out of 10 minors with dysphoria "desist" by making peace with their biological sex: new evidence against early medicalisation which is almost always the first step towards transition

Trans surgery increases suicide risk
A very recent study on 90 million patients shows that trans people operated on are at "a significantly higher risk of suicide, death, self-harm and post-traumatic stress disorder" and require psychiatric support. Therefore, completing the long and tiring transition process with "affirmative" surgery does not ensure the achievement of the desired well-being

New Hampshire: no more "sex change" surgery on minors
The American state has approved a bill that prohibits surgeons from carrying out operations such as the removal of ovaries and breasts for females and the removal of penises and testicles for males on people under 18 years of age. The bill states that these interventions violate the patient's "informed consent" and underlines that studies have not shown a decrease in the suicide risk of minors after the interventions. Indeed: the danger increases

UK: increasingly clear no to gender self-identification (self-id)
Justice agrees with the Sunak government: the Scottish law that wanted to introduce free choice of sex is not constitutional. Meanwhile, the Minister of Equal Opportunities Kemi Badenoch defines the pharmacological treatment of "gender non-conforming" girls as "conversion therapy". And he announces a law against self-id tourism

Denmark: no more hormones for children! Even trans people say it
After the UK, Sweden, Finland, Norway and the Netherlands, Denmark also says a stop to puberty blockers for gender-nonconforming girls: those drugs are experimental and there is no scientific evidence that they work. But here the government's initiative is supported by important LGBT associations: it is the first time this has happened. And in Italy? It is not even possible to know how many minors are treated

Holland: if you block the development of girls and boys you push them to become trans
They invented the protocol - pausing puberty to allow minors to "choose" sex. But even the Dutch now admit that in 9 out of 10 cases the blockers no longer give time to “decide” but are the beginning of the transition. A self-fulfilling prophecy. And that the effects of these drugs are not reversible at all

UK. Black week for the glittery trans-patriarchy: Tavistock, gender clinic for children, closed. And Allison Bailey wins in court: she was discriminated against for her gender critical opinions
The ideology of gender identity under attack in the UK: the national health service orders the closure of the pediatric transitions clinic and points the way to psychological therapies. And Allison Bailey wins the employment tribunal case with the support of JK Rowling: the employer sentenced to compensate her for putting her "under investigation" because of her gender critical opinions. At the suggestion of Stonewall, who comes out with his reputation in tatters

Sweden slows down on minors' transitions
It is precisely the pioneering countries of hormonal treatment of girls with dysphoria (from the Great North to Australia) that are taking a decisive step backwards, indicating psychological therapy as the first approach, and drugs only in exceptional cases. The English health service is also asking to radically rethink the protocols. There is a lack of studies to be able to state that in the case of pharmacological "treatments" the benefits outweigh the harm. But puberty blockers continue to be prescribed in Italy

8 March 2022 – 8 March 2023: agenda for a year of feminism
Maternity, work, uterus for rent, gender identity, transition of minors, women's health, male violence, prostitution, politics and elections, women in the South, ecological transition: these are the themes we will be working on in the coming months, described in a meeting that you can see here. To take part in the work, write to

Making tons of money with “gender identity”
The techno-medical business as a whole has a turnover of 10 trillion dollars a year. To grow it must conquer new markets. The ideology that promotes the free choice of sex opens up an immense territory. Jennifer Bilek explains definitively and in detail how - and by whom - the LGB agenda was put at the service of the gender industry

France: are you not supporting your child's transition? We'll take it away from you
The law just approved "against conversion therapies" provides for the loss of parental rights for those who resist the "new gender identity" of daughters and sons. And up to 3 years in prison and heavy sanctions for specialists who attempt a psychological approach, not supporting the minor's immediate transition. The transactivist ideology wins which, through medicalization, erases the natural sexual uncertainties that accompany childhood and adolescence

Bullying and social contagion behind the epidemic of "trans children" in English schools
Girls and boys who come home from school saying they are "trans" often suffer from autism or learning difficulties and have suffered episodes of bullying. In the UK, parents denounce the role of classmates and teachers and accuse schools of not fulfilling their duty of care towards vulnerable pupils

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