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Sexual difference also matters for "trans" minors
The future Baroness Hilary Cass, author of the review that effectively abolished affirmative therapy in Great Britain, warns about the risks of testosterone: it is much more difficult for girls treated with masculinizing hormones to go back than for boys treated with estrogen. And the differences don't stop there

American pediatricians against puberty blockers. And meanwhile at Careggi…
The American College of Pediatricians calls for an immediate stop to "affirmative therapy" for minors with gender dysphoria and invites colleagues to base themselves on growing scientific evidence and not on ideology. While waiting for a turning point in Italy too, an analysis of the informed consent form that the Florentine hospital submits to very young patients

UK: Puberty blockers banned even in private clinics. And in France the debate opens
In the UK, private clinics in England or Europe will not accept prescriptions for puberty blockers for minors for three months from 3 June. In Paris the Senate votes on a measure along the same path but the first signatory receives intimidation and threats

Letter to Rishi Sunak: we need a public inquiry into the influence of transgender ideology
One hundred and thirty British MPs, doctors, psychiatrists, academics and detransitioners - including JK Rowling - have written a letter to the Prime Minister to invite him to examine the "pervasive influence" of transgender ideology in schools and the National Health Service and to ascertain the responsibility for the damage caused to thousands of girls and boys

Little girls stuffed with hormones: an in vivo experiment. Who will pay for this?
Hilary Cass, the English pediatrician who produced a monumental report on "affirmative therapy" for minors, does not mince words: those children "were used like footballs". There has never been evidence that puberty blockers work, that they reduce the risk of suicide, that they increase the well-being of patients: far from it. In the absence of scientific certainties, will those who imposed these treatments, those who even persecuted so many people of good will determined to report the scandal in the name of truth, still go unpunished? Keira Bell, the best known of the detransitioners, hopes for criminal consequences

UK. Cass report: never again affirmative therapy for minors with gender-related problems
The final report on the transitions of minors by pediatrician Hilary Cass is released: offering affirmative therapy was a failure. There is no evidence on the effectiveness of puberty blockers, which should never be prescribed, except in rare special cases. Opposite sex hormones should not be given before the age of 18, and even between 18 and 25 caution should be used. A definitive watershed

Hormone therapies for children: doctors' insurances are starting to slip away
The risk of requests for millions in compensation from minors subjected to irreversible treatments who regret the "affirmative therapy" is too high: this is why some insurance companies no longer feel like covering "gender medicine" with their policies

Also in Wyoming stop the transition of minors
It is the 24th US state to ban pharmacological and surgical treatments on the bodies of gender non-conforming girls and boys. Doctors and practitioners who continue to prescribe affirmative care will lose their licenses. The testimony - and legal action - of detransitioner Chloe Cole was decisive for the approval of the law. A law banning trans-indoctrination in schools was also approved

The UK has decided: no more puberty blockers for minors with dysphoria. It's the definitive turning point (in memory of Yarden Silveira, 1998-2021, killed by "sex change")
Not just the stop at the Tavistock Clinic: puberty blockers will no longer be prescribed in any British center for "gender non-conforming" girls and boys. The approach will have to be solely psychological: a sensational turning point that will have cascading effects throughout the world, including Italy. One of the biggest scandals in the history of medicine is finally coming to an end: will anyone pay for the thousands of irreversibly damaged minors? Remembering here one of them who lost his life due to the unscrupulousness of doctors and surgeons

WPATH scandal: 'Therapies' for minors with dysphoria are improvised and prescribed without real consent
World Professional Transgender Health is considered the leading global scientific and medical authority on “gender medicine”: over the past decades its standards of care have shaped the guidelines, policies and practices of governments, medical associations, public health systems and private clinics around the world, including the WHO. But some leaked documents reveal negligence towards children - including minors with serious mental disorders - subjected to improvised treatments, without taking into account the long-term consequences and without being sure that they were clear what they were doing

A new AGEDO?
The historic Association of Parents of Homosexuals has worked hard for the acceptance and non-discrimination of gays and lesbians and today dedicates many of its initiatives to minors with gender dysphoria. With a substantially affirmative approach, that is, one of support for the transition. In a recent webinar it was said perhaps we should break off relationships with family members who oppose it and that reasoning about the effects of puberty blockers is off topic. To mention just a few of the most surprising claims

How to convince progressives to abandon gender
Terrified by transactivists and worried about appearing "right-wing", left-wing Westerners support the transition of minors even in the absence of studies demonstrating that "affirmative therapy" works and promotes the well-being of gender non-conforming girls and boys. “But everyone has the right to evidence-based medicine,” argue some liberals determined to “break the spell.” And they created DIAG -Democrats for an Informed Approach to Gender- to convince democrats in the USA and around the world that continuing on this path is wrong and dangerous. For children and for the left. An article by Bernard Lane

Turning point at the New York Times: strong doubts about hormones for children with gender dysphoria
The main woke newspaper in the world has always supported transactivist demands without hesitation, starting with the indecent treatment reserved for JK Rowling. Today the newspaper changes direction and in a very long article criticizes "affirmative therapy" (puberty blockers, hormones and surgery) for trans minors, giving voice to some detransitioners who have hitherto been censored and ostracized. Because now even many Democratic voters have strong doubts. And there is the risk of losing many readers: “get woke, go broke”

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