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Sexual difference also matters for "trans" minors
The future Baroness Hilary Cass, author of the review that effectively abolished affirmative therapy in Great Britain, warns about the risks of testosterone: it is much more difficult for girls treated with masculinizing hormones to go back than for boys treated with estrogen. And the differences don't stop there

Girls with gender dysphoria: giving time is the best cure
A very recent German study confirms this: within 5 years of diagnosis, almost 7 out of 10 minors with dysphoria "desist" by making peace with their biological sex: new evidence against early medicalisation which is almost always the first step towards transition

American pediatricians against puberty blockers. And meanwhile at Careggi…
The American College of Pediatricians calls for an immediate stop to "affirmative therapy" for minors with gender dysphoria and invites colleagues to base themselves on growing scientific evidence and not on ideology. While waiting for a turning point in Italy too, an analysis of the informed consent form that the Florentine hospital submits to very young patients

UK: Puberty blockers banned even in private clinics. And in France the debate opens
In the UK, private clinics in England or Europe will not accept prescriptions for puberty blockers for minors for three months from 3 June. In Paris the Senate votes on a measure along the same path but the first signatory receives intimidation and threats

'We got it wrong': Puberty blocker pioneer admits harm
Susan Bradley, Canadian psychiatrist who founded a clinic for "dysphoric" minors in the 1970s and an authority in this field, today declares that the transition from psychological therapy to drugs was a serious mistake. Because their effects are serious and non-reversible, because those treatments are "authoritarian" and experimental. And because in 9 out of 10 cases, children's dysphoria is only temporary and masks other disorders

UK: an investigative book is published on the Tavistock case, a clinic that "treated" autistic girls and led them to transition
BBC journalist Hanna Barnes struggled to find a publisher: the censorship we all know. But in the end he did it. And now his sensational essay is out on the Tavistock scandal, a clinic for the transition of minors closed by the English national health service: puberty blockers casually prescribed to pre-adolescents with autism, trauma or psychological disorders. For years some workers have tried to raise the alarm, but have been intimidated and silenced. An entirely political issue, because the health of girls and boys is at stake. Thousands across the West lured by pounding trans-propaganda

Biden: yes to hormones for girls and boys
Unlike Sweden, Finland, the UK and Australia, pioneering countries which, given the damage caused by drugs to minors with gender dysphoria, return to the priority of psychological therapy, the USA is pushing for immediate pharmacologisation. And they call it "children's rights", saying that any other approach is "discriminatory"

Lesbians against the transition of girls and boys
Lesbians United was founded in the USA to raise the alarm about the serious risks of the early medicalisation of minors with "gender dysphoria". Which, they say, “is a scam”. In the hope that the American gay and lesbian movement, highly critical of the trans-industry, will finally break its silence and find a listening ear

Spain. Psychologist denounced by transactivists. He risks suspension
Carola López Moya, a feminist and leftist, thinks that people with dysphoria should accept themselves. breaking gender cages and without medicalization. The T l'associations have denounced it, saying that his approach is "conversion therapy". You risk a fine of up to 120 thousand euros in addition to the suspension of your activity

No longer "female" or "male", but "assigned F or M at birth": the bible of psychiatry yields to the trans-trend
The fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders -DSM-V-, the most used by psychiatrists, adapts its terminology to the requests of transgender activists. Favoring the “affirmative” approach and the use of puberty blockers, hormones and surgery for those suffering from gender dysphoria

Mothers of girls treated with hormones: their loneliness, their pain
When they resist chemical and surgical "therapies" and ask for a more cautious approach for their daughters and sons with dysphoria, these parents find themselves against everyone: friends, schools, doctors, therapists, politicians, media and culture. On how many fronts can we fight alone? The story of the American psychiatrist Miriam Grossman, who treats the desperation of these families

Hormones to children: the world is revolting
Arkansas, and soon Texas and Tennessee. Sweden, Finland, UK, Australia: the number of Western countries abandoning pharmacological treatment for "gender non-conforming" girls is growing. And the prestigious Lancet asks to reconsider these "therapies" which continue to be prescribed in Italy. E' time to do battle

Finland: puberty blockers for dysphoric minors
As in the UK and Sweden, the experimental nature and non-reversibility of hormonal treatments on girls are recognised, which the new guidelines reserve only for borderline cases, favoring psychological treatments. Even in Italy it is time to think again

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