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Sexual difference also matters for "trans" minors
The future Baroness Hilary Cass, author of the review that effectively abolished affirmative therapy in Great Britain, warns about the risks of testosterone: it is much more difficult for girls treated with masculinizing hormones to go back than for boys treated with estrogen. And the differences don't stop there

So the Biden administration removed age limits for trans surgery
Excerpts from emails from Wpath members tell how the staff of flagship Rachel Levine managed to change the guidelines for political purposes without relying on scientific data

Girls with gender dysphoria: giving time is the best cure
A very recent German study confirms this: within 5 years of diagnosis, almost 7 out of 10 minors with dysphoria "desist" by making peace with their biological sex: new evidence against early medicalisation which is almost always the first step towards transition

American pediatricians against puberty blockers. And meanwhile at Careggi…
The American College of Pediatricians calls for an immediate stop to "affirmative therapy" for minors with gender dysphoria and invites colleagues to base themselves on growing scientific evidence and not on ideology. While waiting for a turning point in Italy too, an analysis of the informed consent form that the Florentine hospital submits to very young patients

No, the veil is not "feminist"
Not all choices, however apparently free, can be defined as feminism. The modesty of Islamic clothing is a surrender to the idea of the impurity of women and the ungovernability of male sexuality. And it's not clear why a left-wing weekly like l'Espresso promotes modest fashion ***

Women deleted from the new Treaty on Crimes against Humanity
Women's Declaration International denounces: in the new draft of the Treaty the word sex is replaced by "gender", a term for which no precise definition is given. This is a legal and unprecedented erasure of the female sex

UK: Puberty blockers banned even in private clinics. And in France the debate opens
In the UK, private clinics in England or Europe will not accept prescriptions for puberty blockers for minors for three months from 3 June. In Paris the Senate votes on a measure along the same path but the first signatory receives intimidation and threats

Why Italy has not signed the EU declaration on LGBTIQ rights (it has signed another one though)
The declaration against homolesbobitransphobia signed in Europe by all member states was passed over in silence. There was great media outcry instead over a second declaration not signed by Italy because it was strongly unbalanced on gender identity on the model of the fu-dl Zan: here are all the critical points

UK: gender identity will no longer be talked about at school
New crackdown by the Sunak government after the Cass report which also warns about the risks of the social transition of minors, the so-called "alias identity" which has already been adopted by many Italian schools: in the classroom we will not teach as much as we can change sex and sexual education will be calibrated according to age. And never without parental consent

From Gaza to Western delivery rooms, Judith Butler sees fascists everywhere
Fascists, obviously, we gender critical feminists too, "allies of the right and the Vatican". The Californian intellectual, renouncing all philosophical subtlety, compiles a political agenda that coincides with the platform of the university students in struggle. And he hopes for an alliance between trans, antifa, the pro-Pal movement, the homeless, black people, migrants and even women - understood as one of the many minorities - to build "a radical democracy inspired by the ideals of socialism". An account of the Bolognese stage of his triumphal European tour

Non-Mother's Day
Natural motherhood is on the right, biotech motherhood is on the left because it is thought of as a right and not suffered as destiny: the diatribe on this topic between radical feminism and transfeminism could be summarized in this way. E' anything but new but it has become radicalized. Also because the context has changed a lot: the baby boom is one thing, births at an all-time low are another

Trans surgery increases suicide risk
A very recent study on 90 million patients shows that trans people operated on are at "a significantly higher risk of suicide, death, self-harm and post-traumatic stress disorder" and require psychiatric support. Therefore, completing the long and tiring transition process with "affirmative" surgery does not ensure the achievement of the desired well-being

Saman: “their culture” as a mitigating factor
The girl's marriage was "arranged and not forced" and in the judgment "the culture of the offender must also be taken into account": the reasons for the sentence (signed by female judges) for the brutal murder of the young Pakistani girl are disconcerting. As well as the self-sexism of the mother who would be the material executor of the crime. At this rate, according to Unicef projections, girls will continue to be sold to men for at least the next 300 years

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